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8 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Best belt I’ve found is the Hank’s Belt Premiere. Doesn’t matter how much weight you hang on it, it never gives in. And two organizations I recommend for training are, Warrior Poet Society and Field Craft Survival. Both companies offer excellent products for all levels of proficiency. And what I consider the most important element of EDC is a person’s mindset and knowledge of their state and county’s enforcement of state statues on this matter. Andrew Branca’s products are the top in the industry. Massad Ayoob writes the forward and endorses Branca’s work. Both men have provided me the mindset required to responsibly and legally carry a self-defense tool should a real threat of life and health assert itself against me.

  2. 5.11 black leather with the plastic insert for stiffness. I’m on my third and while the price is still very good compared to other edc belts the quality has decreased slightly from 2 to 3; it feels flimsier, so ilk be switching.

    Not sure on training course. I’d like to get out and do some milsim again with the new hpa guns though.

    1. Lenard, thank you for the update on the quality of 5.11 belts. I have been using two of them for the past 17 or so years(one black and one brown) and they are still working well but are really showing their age. I have been looking for a replacement and have considered getting 5.11 belts again. If the quality is not there anymore, I will probably look elsewhere.
      I have two all leather belts made for me by Gary Brommeland, of Brommeland Gunleather, and love them to death, but I’m unfortunately not as fit as I was when I got them in the 90’s. At least I can still use all the holsters I got from him, they will never wear out.
      I’ll be checking out some of the belt recommendations from the other commenters, for sure. The Hank’s belts look awesome!

      1. NP. I think for the price if you can find it for about $40 they still aren’t a bad buy, but they just don’t feel as thick as the original one I got 10+ years ago.

        Like wise for the boots, I’m on pair like 5. I’ve been buying the ATAC Shield 8″ boot for over 10 years, getting a new pair ever year or two because of the safety shoe allowance at work. I have 3 years on some pairs and only a year on some. My newest pair that I bought last year are the ATAC Shield 2.0 version. They have been holding up very well, but some of the construction changed, it went from full leather to leather/cordura and the price remained the same. When I’m ready for a new pair I’ll be buying a different brand now more than likely.

  3. Best belt I have found is the Nextbelt EDC line. They have one of those ratcheting buckle systems which allow the belt to adjust in 1/4″ increments. They are double thick with a stiffener sandwiched inside, and the buckle has two set screws to ensure it does not wiggle. Yeah, they are a bit pricey, but any decent belt will be.
    Leather is about $10 more than the nylon belts.
    The adjustable buckle is a great bonus. Sitting down, let it out a click or two, standing up, easy to snug right back up.

  4. For a belt, I usually wear a Crossbreed Holsters Crossover as daily wear. When I travel, I have an older Instructor belt from them – metal hook, not velcro – that I wear as it generally doesn’t set off metal detectors in airports. That reminds me, I need to drill another hole in mine.

  5. I use a Kore belt for dressier occasions. It holds my S&W 39 just fine.

    I would like to take a course at Thunder Ranch before Clint moves on, but I just don’t see the available $.

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