Sorry for the lack of legal analysis these last few days. I have been fighting depression, but I think I’ve finally pulled myself out of it, for now.

Depression for me means it is hard to do anything that isn’t “fun”. Work slows down. Small things stop me from moving forward.

Yesterday included some loud noises, 18 of them to be more precise. The CETME had failure to feed on two rounds. The tip of the round started up the feed ramp and then jammed. The bolt carrier/bolt came over the top of the round and dinged the brass, locking it in place.

Clearing it was trivial, pull the charging handle back into the catch, flip the rifle upside down, the round falls out, slap the charging handle. BANG.

I find it interesting that a 300-500 word rant about idiots writing idiotic things gets more traction than long, detailed analysis of court filings.

Have a fantastic weekend, the comments are open.

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By awa

7 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Long detailed analysis of court filings that are so thorough I have nothing to add to
    I cant take you with me when I share an update or new 2A case with coworkers and friends that are just as unaware or incapable of parsing through as I am
    Thank you

  2. When all the students in the class were asked what their opinion of the latest fashion craze was, almost everyone had something to contribute. However, after the professor delivered the introduction to quantum physics for two hours, you could have heard a pin drop……as a result of the level of notetaking occurring among the brighter members of the class, the rest of the class were consumed with worrying about whether or not they’d be able to pass the class by the end of the semester.
    If everyone who read your exhaustive work would simply check the “Like” button, you’d understand that you have a lot of notetakers here. I for one find myself thinking, “Got it, damn this was good”.

    1. And one more thing while on this subject, daily, I look forward to opening my email and finding the latest post from the GFZ. There are two guys there who are about my age, both have experiences I did not have, both have education in areas of academia I didn’t engage in. Both are smarter than me in many things I have on my bucket list to be educated in.
      Then there’s a third guy, who is about my son’s age, who I find inspirational in that he’s the next generation and he’s very impressive, educationally, personally, and spiritually. Every time he posts anything regarding his fields of expertise, I know I’ll benefit tremendously. His drive really inspires me to keep going with equal piss and vinegar.
      Then the newest addition, which I believe is a woman close to my age, but probably younger, who I am getting to know through her posts. Strong, passionate, very intelligent, enduring, and creative. She brings the American Female Mindset into focus within a GFZ where everyone packing serious heat. Now, what’s not to like? I look forward with anticipation to each post I know is coming down her creative pipeline. Reminiscent of Phoebe Ann Moses aka Annie Oakley

  3. As others said a lot of times you hit on observations before I get to them or cover questions I had. I appreciate the work and sometimes all I can add is a thumbs up

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