Miguel’s post about harping on health really hit me. I’m struggling.

Two years ago, I was around 330. Today I’m hovering around 292. During the week, I lose weight. On the weekend, I gain it all back. I have to make the conscious decision to not eat bad things on the weekend. It is difficult, but I need to do it.

On the good side of things, my skin doesn’t fit as well as it use to. While my weight isn’t going down, my health is getting better. I do at least 30 minutes of spin, 5 days a week. This has made it much more likely for me to get up and move.

If you can, make a commitment to doing just a bit of exercise, every day. We need you healthy!

Software moves forward. I need to do an update to GFZ’s infrastructure, but haven’t yet.

Meanwhile, the comments are open, please let us know what you are thinking about and what you want to hear about.

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By awa

11 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Congrats on the progress on your fitness! We want ya around and able for a good long while. If you haven’t tried it please do give Noom a look see. Might not be for you but I’ve seen it help friends and family.

    All yall are doing good on the site. Appreciate from hearing from Hagar again.

    Uuuhhmmm I got a fancy pants PSA Dagger slide n frame on the way and an old Remington Police Magnum on the way I’m waiting to Form 1 into a short barreled shotgun. Any of yall got cool builds going on?

  2. Awa, it sort of sounds like you need a ‘Culinary Intervention’. Substitution is the key to exchanging bad foods for good foods There must be some good foods which can provide what the bad foods provided your……desire. For instance, as a child I always loved, good tasting water. Eventually American Life created a love for beers, so much so that I became a certified official beer taster and travelled the beer taster’s circuit for almost a decade, on weekends when I could.
    When I grew weary of my love for craft brews taking enough of a toll on my general health, enough so that I could not be the bullet proof guy I wanted to be, I just swapped out a beer for the best water on earth. It works for me. If I want something sweat, I substitute it with a natural glucose product, such a tablespoon of dark Vermont maple syrup in 16 oz of good water with a dash of Cayenne Pepper and some lemon, fresh-squeezed, to taste—I love spicy sweet and sour things. Dark pure maple syrup is the best source of glucose a body can have. It’s a super food.
    Yesterday I posted my 5-5-5 diet regiment, it’s exactly what the doctor ordered for older more-than-desired weight persons.

    1. “Spin” is the new fangled term for riding a stationary bike. I had an ACL replacement several years ago. When I last got on an exercise kick, I was visiting a local place that had a treadmill. I got to the point where I was actually running again. And my knee failed.
      The doctor told me to either continue to run and end up with a replacement knee, or to find something else. I bought the stationary bike on Craigslist, and it sat for too many years before I started using it.

  3. Look for Steven R Gundrys book “the plant paradox”. No sugar, eat every 23 hours, no wheat bread only white, no corn.light exercise . My buddy went from 335 to 205 in a year..

  4. I travel a lot for work. Generally one week out of three is on the road (or, rather, in the air) and living in hotel rooms. So my weight gradually goes down for three weeks, while I can readily control both my actual intake and temptation exposure.
    Then I go on travel – snacks for the flights because I miss meals on travel days, meals with colleagues, etc. And it all comes right back on.
    I’m trying to modify things a bit – bring high-protein low-carb snacks from outside the airport, just order salads, etc. But, of course, it’s a PITA. Worth doing, but not easy.

  5. I’ve lost some weight since I started working from home, no longer eating office cafeteria food. And also thanks to being home I now walk two miles twice a day with my wife. It’s amazing how much benefit just a moderate walking pace provides.
    If I wanted to go further I have some friends I could use for inspiration; one of them just set a new course record in the 60-and-up age group for the Ouray 100 race. (Look it up — it’s amazingly tough but the course is incredibly gorgeous.)

    1. pkoning, checked out a video on the Ouray 100, very wild, very impressive for anyone 60 and up age group. Makes my 5-mile 60lb pack w/12ga and 10mm pistol hike through the Florida scrubs look tame in comparison. So did the competitors have bear repellent? Any protection at all?

  6. Look up Dr Ken Berry and Dr Shawn Baker on YouTube. The keto and carnivore diets are gang changing. Cut out carbs and eat as much protein (meat) as you want. I’ve lost 55lbs and was never hungry. Still got about 40 to go.

    1. Jared, how many meals a day? I do much the same diet consisting of five small 400-500 calories per meal- 70-30% protein to slow acting carbs. Daily I get the heart rate up to the 120s per min. for thirty minutes, once in the morning and once in the evening. Then work the midsection on the Total Gym.

  7. I have 2 subjects I’m curious about
    The Bundy ranch saga: recently heard that he won his day in court. What did that entail? Did include the occupying of the ranger station? Is there any ongoing litigation/ investigation regarding the man that the government killed?
    Trump banned bump stocks and therefore is anti gun. It seems to me that was a turning point for positive 2a rulings. Did that EO give standing that allowed gains? Did it embolden the left to overplay their hand? Or were the majority of 2a wins already on deck? 3d chess player or chump?

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