The first shipments should go out early next week. Just the Velcro backing. Those come from my supplies. J.Kb. will start shipping the actual patches sometime after the 28th.

We are looking at all the other options. We just have to make sure we break even or make a bit of profit on these things.

I did a quick count on Monday and was tracking some 51 different cases. That number is now 54.

Feel free to give us your feedback, we deserve it.

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By awa

2 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Been enjoying the content immensely and thank you that reminds me to pick up a patch or two for goodies and give aways.

  2. I’ve seen a number of posts here and elsewhere regarding med kits, get home bags, EDC packs, and the like. I have several similar pouches: blowout kit, booboo/OTC med pack, and food items. I’d like to see a post on how you handle perishables. Many of the items in my kit are rarely used, but necessary. For example, about a week ago my daughter came down with a sudden migraine while we were out. I checked my bag and found my stash of OTC meds for that. And I thought, “when did I put these in here?” I can’t remember the last time I used this particular med while out. Similarly, the imodium in there is pretty old. I know meds last longer than the 5-year FDA expiration, but for some of the rarely-used items, how do you go about using the oldest first, and cleaning out items that are no longer good?

    Years ago, I packed zipfizz in my travel pack, to replenish vitamins, electrolyzes, and provide a caffeine burst. While it was used on occasion, I went for quite some time without travelling, so they sat. The next time I went to use them, they were a year or more expired and tasted like crap. I doubt the other components were at sufficient efficacy either. I now don’t regularly keep those in my pack, but it was rather convenient to be able to grab the bag and go.

    I do keep a spare set of batteries in my pack. Those, I try to use first, even if I’m at home. I then replenish from my stores immediately.

    How often do you revisit the items in your packs? What systems do you use to check them and determine which ones to clean out?

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