It has been an exciting week out on the West Coast. In California, they got a win in the magazine ban. There are some really crazy things happening at the Ninth Circuit, which I’ll cover tomorrow.

Up in Washington state, a different judge decided that she just didn’t know if magazines were arms protected by the Second Amendment and will have to wait until briefed on the merits.

The Rahimi case is at the Supreme Court. Final briefings by the defendant are due early next week. There are no “good guys” in this case. There is only the “state” and the defendant.

J.Kb. is on a pilgrimage to mecca. He’ll have to pass through enemy held territory before he reaches his destination. I think we are all hoping that he will bring back great stories of his time there.

Please let us know what’s on your mind. Ask questions. Suggest articles.

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By awa

5 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Appreciated all your work this past week. Looking forward to what you’ve got planned this upcoming week. Excellent content to say the least.

  2. Questions: hm…..if all of our hosts and contributors were to commission a melee weapon what would it be? I remember a while back there was mention of making a flail from a set of trucknutz.

    That aside I find myself working on a proposal to make conceal carry classes better and attractive especially in states with constitutional carry. Do any of yall have something you would like to see or had wish had been better covered in your classes?

    1. If I were looking for a practical melee weapon, it would be a flail with ball or a war hammer. No spikes on that flail. Just simple.
      As for carry classes? The thing that I wish I could see is a class on holsters. I know that sounds silly, but I’m big, there are holsters that just will not work with my body shape. What is it they say? If I show you a man with the perfect holster, you can show me a man with a drawer of holsters that didn’t quite work.

      1. That does not sound silly at all and I’m thinking back I have never once had an instructor bring a gamut of holsters for students to try. I think I’m going to start doing that as sales and buget permit for the airsoft and blue guns I own and use for new shooters.

    2. Good questions Bad Dancer, as to a melee weapon from concealment, I recommend the Winkler Weapon Retention Tool, which I get from Daniel special order when I need them—I haven’t seen them on his store webpage for several years. In my estimation, there is nothing better from standard everyday concealment.
      And for conceal carry class improvements, I can only suggest what I have found to be favorable with people in my neck of the woods, which is a 100-rd. requirement with squib loads and failures to feed, eject malfunctions and mandatory mag changes. We also provide a beginner’s practice worksheet based on their performance.
      This points them in the right direction per each student’s particular need for essential improvements. It’s a few dollars more, but since the mayor of my town owns an ammo manufacturing business, I get enough of a discount to pass the savings on to my students, so for about $30 more students begin on a much better foundation by which to advance.
      Awa suggestion for a holster compatibility class is a great idea. This is something I cover in my beginner’s class due to the cost demand on the standard entry level conceal carrier. But upon request I provide a Holster Product Info sheet which has everything I’ve personally experienced and my students have experienced over the past ten to fifteen years. I do have a custom kydex holster designer, Insane Kydex Creations, I use for all my polymer pistols but for Wilson Combat products I use Garrett Industries custom holsters—both are second to none.

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