We end the week with good news out of California. Judge Benitez has ruled that assault weapon bans are unconstitutional.

The case is Miller v. Becerra, 3:19-cv-01537, (S.D. Cal.)

I’ll be doing some writing about F.R.A.P. and this case over the weekend. Maybe I can keep it down to just a few thousand words.

Anybody want to place bets on how many words pour out of my fingers over the weekend?

Regardless, the comments are open, please let us know what you are thinking about, what you want us to write about.

Side story, back in 2016, a bunch of hooligans were defacing my friend’s home. She is a former IDF. At that time, she was a pacifist. I don’t know where she stands on that front at this moment.

The important part was that these monsters were painting NAZI symbols on her door and driveway.

I offered to drive over in the redneck truck and sleep in her driveway for a few days. She didn’t take up the offer.

That offer is extended to J.Kb. if he wants to take us up on it.

My lady offered a great idea to our friend. Our friend rigged an air horn with a trip wire. When the savages showed up that night, they tripped the wire and the air horn went off in their ears. I’m told there were only brown stains on the walk way that night, and no more graffiti.

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  1. I have dealt with this type of thing by capturing it on video from different positions, watching it occur live from a vehicle parked far enough away to not be considered a prohibiting factor, and following the hooligans back to their homes. Once their identity is known, I make copies of the video footage, and put them in their mailboxes with a note that informs them that copies were also provided to law enforcement—which I advise the homeowner to not do unless they come back. It’s always worked. And we’ve never had to inform law enforcement. Yet.

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