We’ve had another case make it through oral arguments at the appellate court level.

An interesting extra happened over in the Third Circuit Court, they immediately requested that the parties order a transcript of the oral arguments. I think this is so that there is a full and complete record when this is appealed to the en banc panel or the Supreme Court.

We’ve had the mass shooting, right on schedule. This time they avoided the gun free zones.

We’ve got terrorists terrorizing Jews throughout the country.

Keep your head on a swivel, your rifle by your side, and spare mags handy.

(I took Hagar to do a presentation yesterday, my on body mag count went from one or two, depending, to four mags. I need to start looking for a .45 ACP Carbine for a truck gun.)

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By awa

10 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Supposedly, the bowling alley had a ‘no guns’ sign, This is from a post so its veracity is suspect but it did have pics.

  2. Why a .45 carbine? There are tons of nice 9mm carbines out there now. My M&P FPC even shares mags with one of my pistols. My Ruger is configured for Glock mags, but I refuse to buy a shitty Austrian gun to match mags…

    1. I think maybe he like alot of has a .45 handgun so the carbine makes sense to be same caliber. I have a Quarter Circle 10 AR SBR in .45 acp which may become my truck gun. Or maybe my 10.5 5.56 will start riding with me..

      1. Unless you can share mags between your pistol and your carbine, it makes little sense to match calibers. And 9mm makes a better carbine round than .45.

    2. “The nine millimeter is for killing Europeans, for truly dangerous
      people you need a .45.”
      — Jeff Cooper

    3. It is an ammunition compatibility issue, for me. I have the Glock and the PC9. That is a nice combination. I prefer my 1911s to the Glock.
      That said, I would rather like an M3A2 Grease Gun in .45ACP. I figure that would make a charming truck gun. 30 round double stacked magazines. The collapsing stock to make it short enough to fit nicely in the truck. I would plan on four or five magazines for it. It means that a single ammo can with 1000+ .45 ACP would be ready for reloading.
      Mostly this is because I can dream about it. I like the PC-9 with Glock setup. I like my .45 Colt SAA with .45Colt Lever Action. I like the .357mag lever/pistol combination. It just seems to me that it is time to get a rifle in .45ACP.

      1. Go with your gut Awa, I’ve had the Grease Gun in .45 cal., you’ll love it. It’s heavier than my current rig but not enough to really matter. It has the “Too Cool for School” thing going on.

      2. I’ll make one last comment in favor of the 9mm setup. Take a look at an M&P FPC. The whole gun folds just ahead of the action, it has mounting for a pair of 23 round mags under the stock, and you can safely store a 17 in the pistol grip since the chamber is on the barrel half when folded (all 3 mags come with it). The mags will fit a Compact M2.0 or a Sub Compact M2.0 with no changes, if you remove the rubber grip contour band the mags fit a full frame. All this for less than $600 You can literally share mags between the handgun and long gun that way. And you can get 17 rounds in a handgun that’s the same size but lighter than the museum piece… 😉

  3. I’m with you awa, anymore I don’t leave home without, four defensive options, two pistol rigs, one on the belt, one in a shoulder rig, both with extra mags, an ATF compliant PCC9 w/ 50 rd mags in a pack, and my Kangal who is now 13 months old and is my only real liability risk, he’s my Turkish Terrorist. Hoping to further acclimate him to my world, he’s still has some distance to go, however.

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