We’ve had some news out of a couple of rogue inferior courts. The level of gymnastic skill exercised by these courts rivals anything ever seen at the Olympics.

On the good news front, the Supreme Court will hear the Range petition for writ of certiorari today. There are three potential answers we can get back: 1) A granting of cert., 2) A denial of cert., 3) A holding pattern where they don’t grant or deny.

When the Court heard Bruen they had a number of Second Amendment cases waiting for a decision on cert. Right after Bruen the Court Granted Cert, Vacated the inferior courts’ opinion, and Remanded the case back to the lower court.

We have had another case docketed requesting a writ of certiorari, Caulkins v. Pritzker out of IL. I’m not very knowledgeable about this case yet. Now that it is at the Supreme Court, I can read the legal filings and find out what’s happening.

One of the short stories about this case is that it went to the Illinois Supreme Court. Two of the judges on that court were asked to recuse themselves because they had accepted a million dollars each from governor Pritzker for their election. This is in violation of the $500,000 limit, but Pritzker did a little hand waving, and it was allowed.

The two judges refused to recuse themselves. They said that it would not influence their opinion on the case. And then sided with the state against The People.

Thus, this petition includes a due process claim as well as Second Amendment claims.

In other news, the Supreme Court issued their code of conduct. I’ve read about half of it and will likely write something about it for tomorrow’s article.

Thank you for all the feedback this week on everybody’s articles.

The comments are open. Please give me some suggests for articles. Yesterday morning’s article was difficult as I had writer’s block.

A professional author friend of mine explains writer’s block as such: Your job doesn’t allow writer’s block. Your job is to write. If you think you have writer’s block, write something, anything. That is what happened.

OH! I almost forgot, that little piece of lawyering had a layer I had missed on the first go around. There were multiple cites to Friedman v. City of Highland Park, Ill. All of those cites were to judges and justices saying how wrong Friedman was. There are cites from Justice Thomas, for example.

The author of the Friedman opinion was Judge Easterbrook. The same judge who was the ghostwriter for the Seventh Circuit court’s opinion that Bevis v. Naperville is requesting a rehearing en banc. That is just a delightful snarky slam on Easterbrook.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. When I don’t have spontaneous ‘subject-idea activity’ in the brain I just stand at my PC and close my eyes and type everything that comes into my head and if there isn’t much, I simply type that…”not much happening but I’m just going to keep typing words until I get tired”, type of entry. Now, because I consume so much, gun, self-defense, law, violence, weapons violence, societal violence, tactical strategy, content daily, it’s not long before I produce a few thousand words of ‘stuff’. From that stuff I eventually, within a few minutes, form a structured content format on a main subject, then from that I begin to type a rough draft. After that I walk away for a period of time where I do something else, I have to achieve that day. Then come back with renewed energy to engage in content creation. An hour or so later I have 3-5000 words to work with to structure a final draft for publication.
    So call “writer’s block” is nothing more than an invitation to write random thinkings, trusting your mental savings account to have enough wealth, because you deposited much there, to pay you back with interest when you’re too tired to be creative. Inspiration comes in many forms.

  2. I am pleased as activist judges are called out and citizens become more comfortable using the methods of the court and state against them. More folks are getting irritated enough to leave their comfort zone and learn how to get involved locally or financially to play nice.

    Good reads and input from all yall

  3. I thought I was onto a trick for writer’s block a while back. Fired up Dragon Naturally Speaking, which I hardly ever used because I was uncomfortable with it. So there I was, sitting in front of the computer, headset on, mike on, staring at the screen. No good. Moved to a chair away from the PC. Stared at my navel. No good. NOTHING worse than being on “dictate” with nothing to say. FAR worse than staring at the screen with just a keyboard in front of me. YMMV.

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