Wednesday, I took some newly made rounds out to the test range to give them a try. We had steel and baby pumpkins as targets. I was testing Winchester #41 military small rifle primers. I was also comparing Rocky Mountain Reloading’s 55gr metal jacket boat tail and Hornady 55gr Soft points.

It was so fun to shoot Flat Dark Evil (FDE). This is a 20″ AR platform I built myself. This is the rifle with the weapon light mounted on it.

The first 10+ rounds downrange rang steel just fine. As for the baby pumpkin. I could see impacts, but nothing really happening.

The next 10 rounds were the Hornady 55gr SP “Varmint” rounds. Double tap to the steel, then double into the baby pumpkin. It has ceased to exist as a pumpkin. Double tap to hostage taker (steel behind steel), double tap to secondary steel, double tap to the other baby pumpkin. Half has gone missing.

Ok. That was impressive. I now have 3 mags full of varmint and a bit more in the ammo cans. I’m impressed.

Final results, pumpkin parts scattered over about a 4-meter radius. There was even some in the tree above the target zone.

I need to make more ammo.

The Bevis v. Naperville has made it to the shadow docket of the Supreme Court. Amy Coney Barrett is the justice that is hearing the request for an emergency injunction pending review.

This case came up through the district court and was appealed to the Seventh Circuit court. The Seventh Circuit was sitting on it when they made an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court for an injunction pending review. The Seventh Circuit court administrative panel then put the case on an expedite schedule.

This was the second time this had happened. The circuit courts know that as long as they are moving rapidly in judicial terms, they are pretty safe from having the Supreme Court slap them down.

The Seventh Circuit panel has now gone on record dissing the Bruen Court. This makes a difference.

Justice Barrett has told the defendants (bad guys) they have until FridayWednesday, the 6th of December, to get their briefs in. I expect to see a spat of amici curiae briefings showing up at the same time. The Supreme Court will act quickly in either granting the injunction or declining to do so.

If they do not grant the injunction, the Seventh will take the case en banc and then sit on it for as long as they can. If they grant the injunction, the Seventh will take the case en banc and move it rapidly.

While the Supreme Court’s injunction is in place, the weapons ban and magazine ban in Illinois is stopped. That injunction doesn’t go away until the Supreme Court denies certiorari or issues their opinion. This will upset the state’s attempt at infringing.

There is another case making its way through the courts in Illinois as a challenge at the state level. I do not have good insight into the court filings for that case. I’ll do what I can do to find information about it. Just know that our friends over at are fighting the good fight.

With that, the comments are open. Have at it.

I’m starting a series on reloading. Mostly as a way of taking/making notes for myself. The first article will be published later today.

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  1. Reloading will be a good topic to yak about. I just got done with 300 rounds of 230 gr lead .45s and set up my press for 185 semi wads for the next set. After that will be .308 machine gun ammo..

  2. Not meaning to be an ass, but did you mean Friday, December First, Friday, December Eighth, or Wednesday, December Sixth?

    1. Umm, samhelm, this post is titled, “Friday Feedback” and today is Friday, and the opening sentence began with the words “Wednesday I took……” which is in the past tense.

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