There are numerous cases that are bouncing closer and closer to the Supreme Court. The readers of the tea leaves all agree, the Supreme Court is going to static.

There are people who have spent decades observing the Supreme Court, attempting to predict what they will do in any particular situation. Some of them have great track records, some reaching as high as 50%!

Cases exist in different “states”. Everything before final judgement is interlocutory. This means that the case hasn’t reached a conclusion at this level.

The current spat of infringements being challenged are all in that interlocutory state. The Supreme Court doesn’t normally act on cases that are still interlocutory. They much prefer everything done and ready for them to give an opinion that is going to stick.

So don’t worry when you see the Supreme Court hasn’t done something.

The reloading series is nearing an end, I have a few more articles to write in that series.

If you think there is something I’m missing, please let me know in the comments. I might have it queued up for an article already, or I might have missed it.

For those of you that do progressive reloading, yes, I know it is the cat’s meow. I might touch on it, but I’ve never used a progressive press. I’m not the right person to write that article.

As always, feel free to give us your thoughts in the comments below.

Have a great weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Keep it going Sir! Some of the legal stuff is mind numbing (for me!) but I wade thru it, slowly… progressive reloading IS quicker, however it is tedious to set up. AND theres alot more to pay attention to. I maybe able to write up an article in early Jan on my vacation- pleaselet me know in comments if yall interested and what you would like to know about. Oh, and how I can submit it to this

  2. Thanks for the commentary – I enjoyed the reloading series. Been doing it for years, but it’s always nice to hear someone else’s perspective. You can always learn something new about reloading. I too have forgone the progressive press. I do have a turret press that I like alot, mostly because I can leave my dies set for a particular cartridge. I have turrets set up with dies just for one rifle, and it’s nice to just swap the turret when I’m loading for that particular chamber.

    Great upkeep on the court cases as well. I know some folks get impatient that the SC doesn’t step in and correct such obvious constitutional infringements, but believe me – it’s worth the extra wait to see a proper basing. Look at the history of the 2A in the Supreme Court: We’ve prevailed on just about every cast that’s made it to the high court, with the exception of Miller (where the defendant was dead by the time the case made its way and he had no one to argue the case properly.) I personally am looking forward to a good pro 2A session out of the SC in 2024.

    1. The only problem is that if the democrats win in 2024, they will likely win the Senate as well as the White House. Justices Thomas and Alito are both in their 70s and could easily retire or die in the next term…which means gavin newsom would be the one to replace them, giving the Supreme Court back to the control of the democrats and an easily pushed around Justice Roberts…and if it takes too long? The democrats will simply pack the Supreme Court…….this is what the democrats are waiting for and why the lower democrat party judges are simply ignoring Bruen and the other gun decisions from the Supreme Court… if you want to keep your guns, vote republican in 2024, not matter who the Republican may be…otherwise…the democrats get the Supreme court…

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