We had great news out of California, surprisingly. The court in Reno May v. Robert Bonta has issued an injunction:

Plaintiffs, who are concealed carry permitholders and related organizations, brought these two lawsuits against California to challenge the constitutionality of many of SB2’s “sensitive place” provisions. They now seek a preliminary injunction enjoining California from enforcing the challenged sensitive-place provisions, asserting that many of those restrictions violate their Second Amendment rights and deprive them of their ability to defend themselves and their loved ones in public. Plaintiffs are right. Their motions for a preliminary injunction are GRANTED.

This is a complete win for the plaintiffs (good guys).

This was a complete surprise. In addition, the state has not filed their intent to appeal. In the past, in California, they have filed their intent to appeal within hours of a negative order by the judge.

Over in the D.C. Circuit Court, they have scheduled arguments for February, without input from the parties. This is means that the Circuit isn’t going to let this drag out.

There are numerous filings that came out late yesterday that I’ll be looking over.

For those that are bored with reloading, I’m reaching the end of that series. I have received so many good comments that have been helpful. Things to try, things to not do.

I’m currently in the process of machining my own 1/16in drill bit extension, as well as my version of a case trimming jig for use on a drill press or milling machine. It is likely that I’ll make a stuck case removal gizmo.

One of those things where I’ll spend 6 hours in the shop to make something that costs less than $20 from Amazon.

The strange thing, is that the simple drill extension is available for only $59 from McMaster-Carr. One would think a drill extension would be lower cost.

The comments are open, please feel free to let us know what you are thinking.

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  1. do yall still want a piece on progressive press reloading? I can do one first week of Jan, ish. I will try to keep it short.

  2. There is greater satisfaction in making a tool than buying it. That’s why my garage sale table saw has a push stick cut from scrap instead of bought from Harbor Freight. OTOH the miter gauge is store bought because I don’t have the capability.

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