I hope you all had a great Holiday Season.

Thank you to all of our readers. You are what keeps us going. Well, at least me.

I’m hoping for some short articles this weekend (yeah, AWA, you wouldn’t know a short article if it bit you in the arse.)

There are some interesting cases moving forward. There are several cases that are being appealed to the Circuit courts.

In the meantime, the comments are open.

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By awa

2 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. If estimated reading time is under fifteen minutes, then it’s short, imho. I don’t reload because I don’t have the time, but I learned many things I did not know both from you and the commenters. Excellent content to say the least. Thanks all.
    Looking forward to everything you have in store for us Awa. Hoping you have a healthy prosperous New Year. Btw, how’s the health-weight-loss plan you’ve been doing coming along?

  2. Yeah, I got nothing much … Still on “holiday” “vacation” travel. Wish I had a few days to recover from the time off…
    Happy Friday!

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