It feels like I’ve been a bit light on postings this week. On the other hand, I’ve been busy as heck. I guess it balances out.

I’m still doing the ESL classes. At the last company meeting, about 30% of the people taking the classes mentioned that it was very helpful for them.

I also found out that even my half ass work is beyond most peoples expectations. The last company meeting was goal reviews for 2023 and goals for 2024. I was told to have my 5 goals in to the meeting leader by EOD on Monday. I whipped off a 10-slide presentation and handed it to her.

And I was called first, so popped up my slide show in OBS, ran the slides in 5 minutes, which is very fast. My mentor said to plan on 60 seconds per slide. I’ve held to that since he told me. I was running fast this time, so 30 second per slide.

I even mentioned the Casinator as an end from the goal of learning FreeCAD.

If the world treats me well tomorrow, I will have time in the shop to start building. If I get the faceplate, drive pulley, and cutter holder completed, I will actually have something running.

What is a goal for you for 2024? Is it to read a book? Learn a skill, lose weight?

Please let us know in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. 2024 “goal” – build a screened in porch on my house. redo the brakes on my 66 Mercury . pay down debt.
    my work in a big orange corporation is “goal oriented “. they even have a form to fill out…. my only goal at work is make it 4 more years to retire… hopefully get a raise as thats about the only career goal I have left…

  2. Organize basement. That’s coming long nicely.
    Actually start my LS swap. Gotta pull motor and trans and do all the PM items while they are removed.
    Redo deck. All my decking is rotted/rotting. Luckily the frame and foundation is good still.
    Fix electricity to detached garage, I rotoilled the buried Romex like 4 years ago… Upgrade it to sub panel and 220 service with a nice heafty gauge wire buried in conduit.
    Trying to look at phone less. Difficult when YouTube has essentially replaced TV and I’m too tired by relaxation time to actually focus on reading anything of substance.
    Play golf once a week in the morning before work.
    Exercise more in general. I’d like to get back to lifting.
    Take the dog on a couple of extended adventures away from our usual haunts.
    More coffee and more cigars, but my Dr would probably not advise 🙂

    1. Lenard, been smoking a new smoke, Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve. Goes real good with all the central American coffees I have in stock. Also tried the #2 best cigar from 2023, Padron 1964 Anniversary Edition, found it be very invigorating.

      1. I’m always leary on the bourbon cigars, but I’ll give it a try on your recommendation!

        I’ve been on a cigarillo kick. I bought a case of Braniff no.2 and no.3 for my buddies and I to chain smoke while golfing. Not usually my thing, but the no.3 has been pretty good for a “maduro” cigarillo.

  3. My goals for this year will be exactly same as the previous twelve years, which is to maintain my health so that I can continue to do everything that comprises my seventy-hour work week—I actually don’t have a job because everything is driven by passion–haven’t had a “Job” since I was a teenager. And really can’t call what I do “Work” either. Doing what one loves for a living is the real definition of utopia.
    However, there is one responsibility which has proven to be a real challenge, which will only be more challenging this year and probably continue for the next two years, which is to maintain control of a 17-month-old Kangal dog that has a natural propensity toward being overly territorial. I’ve had many dogs. all aggressive, all trained professionally by me for personal protection, but this new dog is nothing like I’ve ever worked with.
    I’ve had to dig three feet down on the parameter fence and install a dig-proof fence, yes, all 1100 linear feet of it–he’s a digging machine when left alone. I’ve also had to put up warning signage at the entrance to the property instructing all visitors to call me if I don’t engage them using the cameras. I raised the fencing to seven feet instead of five feet because my boy is an incredible leaper.
    And I discovered a technique which prohibits him from climbing. If the fence is not fastened solidly to the posts at the top, so that it gives or flexes at the top two feet of the fencing, when he attempts to climb, my boy abandons the climbing effort because the fence bends inward (which I learned from watching him on cameras) and it’s apparent the fence seems unstable to him, so he gives up. I used heavy SS springs at the top which allows the fencing to bend inward just enough that he reasons that it’s not possible to scale the fence. It’s working to perfection; he’s no longer trying to climb—still digs near the fencing but not deeper than three feet.
    People ask me why my dog has a #1-gauge wire cable hooked to his Hanks “Big Ass” dog collar, and my answer is, “Walk towards him and find out”. So far, he’s not chewed through it like he did with everything lighter.
    So I guess this year’s goal is to not make a mistake which cost me and my boy, dearly. Other than that, to keep on keeping on.

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