The Casinator project is moving forward. Unfortunately, every step forward requires me to learn something new.

In the best of all worlds, I want to be able to send out the prints for this out to a shop to see what they quote me for parts.

Back in October, the exercise bike started acting out. It would work ok, and then decided that the resistance needed to be higher. It got to the point where I didn’t want to get on the bike.

My lady did a wonderful thing and found a free exercise bike. We got that replacement in Early December. This one has a different set of patterns. Which has taken me a bit of time to get used to. The biggest improvement, besides actually working, is that I can set the time for a session. I’m now back to doing my rides 5 days a week. Sometimes 16 minutes, when I have meetings, sometimes 40 or even 48. It is difficult to push to 40, much less to 48.

With the ability to set the levels a little lower and the time a little higher, I’ve found that I’m moving better, overall.

We are starting to see cases leave the interlocutory stage. This is great news. It means that the appeals court has to actually do work that the Supreme Court will be willing to slap down.

Unfortunately, my visibility into the filings in the 9th Circuit are limited by dollar bills. They are changing their ECF system, and CourtListener does not currently have a way to capture documents retrieved from the new system. It actually looks to me as if the new system is designed to stop CourtListener.

Speaking of which, the California has admitted in filings that ammunition are arms, as are magazines. Good news for us.

They have filed their appeal in the ammunition background check case. They claim that they must have an emergency stay because if they don’t, bad guys might order ammunition online. Gee, in 2020 100s of prohibited people ordered magazines. Never mind that they currently have an error rate greater than 20%. I.e. they falsely deny people more than 20% of the time.

The state claims that the Supreme Court has already said that these sorts of ammunition background checks are constitutional. Then they do the standard of flipping things upside down. Under US law, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Under California statutes, you are presumed prohibited until proven otherwise.

Have yourself a wonderful Friday. We look forward to reading your comments

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By awa

One thought on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Finally have the time to sit down and read the blog—been busy and have a rare Saturday off for the first time in months.
    Good to hear that you’re keeping a regimented fitness routine. That combined with a diet which does not contribute to weight gain while providing proteins for maintaining muscle development is essential to have the positive mindset to put in the miles needed to keep the mental “cycle” in motion.
    My physical workout routine is all centered around “The Gun”. Keeping up with younger customers at the non-public range where CQC drills and grappling can be standard, is better than working in my home gym–I use my cycle as a towel drying rack. I also have a forty-foot-tall sand and grass berm which is 120 yds long to run up and down to get my cardio workout, again while working an AR10 and ammo pack on my back. No protest yet from knees, ankles, hips or back but I have had to supplement my diet with magnesium glycinate to keep leg cramping in check after thirty-minute routines.
    Awa, again, I want to tell you I greatly appreciate your work here. I for one, and I think I can say for everyone here, that we want you to stay healthy, strong, and aggressive, in doing the heavy lifting on the legal case issues. Keep keeping on brother.

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