Hope you all had a good week. For our readers in Florida I hope you weathered the storm safely and if there was any loss it was minor.

Friends in the area are reporting that they are all ok. One friend reported that there was significant water leakage which caused part of his dining room ceiling to come down. That’s the extent of it.

Things that go bump in the night, that aren’t human.

It’s 2300 or 0300 and the wife says “There’s something out there!” and you have to go out to confront it, assuming you know it isn’t a human (nor a monster), what do you grab?

I’m glad I didn’t grab the Merlin in 45-70.

Thinking about the size and danger and downrange considerations, what is your go to?

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By awa

6 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Depends on if driveway alarm went off or not(magnetic) if no, shotgun and .45. If yes 10.5 inch AR( yes I have paperwork) and .45 …. Yall keep up the great work!

  2. Honestly, considering your racoon story, I was interested in one of those 5.7×28 Ruger carbines. Not overkill for a racoon but sufficient for a human. With a 22 can that can handle one, it would be very quiet.

  3. Mostly redhawk 45 colt. Took 4 rounds to kill a racoon, point blank (after the first) and managed not to shoot the dog.
    Placement was problematic but we won.
    I wing the same at the coyotes that come in to lure out the dogs. They run off and leave us alone for the year, usually.
    Fond of the 30-30 marlin, too.

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