There have been some “interesting” developments in the Circuit Courts.

Out in the Ninth Circuit court, we are starting to see a game where three judge merit panels are placing 2A cases in limbo, pending the outcome of the Duncan v. Bonta en banc opinion. This is just a delay tactic. It is transparent and not just a nasty game.

The rogue judges on the Ninth Circuit will do anything to stop from ruling in favor of The People.

On the other side of the country, the Third Circuit court refused to hear Lara v. Evanchick en banc. The district court found that the state could infringe on the rights of 18, 19, and 20-year-olds. The merits panel of the Third Circuit reversed and remanded the case back to the district court.

The state appealed for a rehearing, en banc. That rehearing was denied. This is a win for us.

There are still a number of 2A cases seeking cert before the Supreme Court. I’ll continue to monitor to see what happens.

The state has been arguing for two steps in doing Second Amendment challenges. The first is forcing the plaintiffs to “prove” that the Second Amendment is implicated. This is being called into question by the good guys. The arguments from the Second Amendment advocates are getting stronger and more on point regarding rogue inferior courts.

Lawfare is alive and well out in Chicago. New Jersey’s AG penned a letter to Glock signed by the standard evil AG’s demanding that Glock be prepared to be sued into oblivion. Plenty of trade secrets and other things that are sure to “leak” once the state has finished discovery.

I’m dealing with the arsehole neighbor. I had to go measure everything to make sure that the test range was far enough away from the neighbor’s house. It is. He just doesn’t like the sound of gun fire and is doing the “shots fired” through 911. Had to deal with cops.

“I don’t answer questions”. Then the cop lied about the RSA. I now have a copy on hand, just in case.

I’m slowly making my way through —Brian L Frye, Peculiar story of United States v. Miller, 3 NYUJL & Liberty 48 (2008). It is a good history of Miller. Grist for the Mill.

Of the cases discussed in the blog, do you have any questions? Are there any subjects I should expand on?

Have a fantastic weekend, all. The comments are open.

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5 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. in dealing with anti Freedom niebhors , I call the non emergency phone line for the sheriff and tell them Im going to make some noise. that way when asshole calls up they say “we are aware of it” and sheriff doesn’t have to go look.. and we shoot machine guns. a few years ago this “thing” moved here from maryland and immediately began harassing the neighbor who had a range. the hippies on the select board ganged up on him BUT We the People showed up in force and beat them.
    just phone your local pd and let them know its range time. never give in

    1. Sure, but that’s a lot of bother every time you want to do some shooting. And in small towns, is there even a “non emergency” number, and if so, would it be picked up outside office hours? I’m not sure.

      I would deal with this sort of abuse by asking police to investigate the offender for making false reports. And yes, a copy of the relevant laws is a great idea. NH laws (which is what “RSA” refers to ) specifically cover required distances; they aren’t all that large.

      1. RSA 207:3-a. 300 ft from a permanently occupied dwelling without permission. I did the double check with a laser range finder to verify. The next time I’m out and about, I’ll drop off a copy of the RSA and a range card with the local cop shop. They are cool.

  2. AWA, thanks for all the case coverage…. you know I’m a fan.
    I’d like to see your treatise on the numerous ways the 2nd Amendment is still being treated as a “Second-Class Right” by post-Bruen courts…. w the people need to hold our government’s feet to the fire and make these abuses common knowledge.

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