New Hampshire got a little more snow and ice yesterday and today. We were prepared for it, no big deal.

I was preparing to go to bed, doing that final sit of the day before showering, when the power went out. Grump.

Finished in the dark. Turned the flashlight on, pointed it at the ceiling, took my shower.

When I got to bed, I spent the 5 minutes using the power company’s app to report the outage. They asked if I was sure.

There were two reported outages. 15 minutes later there were 1000+ in my clump.

About two hours later, power was restored. We lost it again about 30 minutes later. 45 minutes after that, power was restored and has remained steady since.

My point in all of this was that it wasn’t a big deal.

This morning, I power cycled the Optical Network Terminator (ONT) and we had the Internet back. Turned my primary computer back on and went to work.

The discussion about lack of discipline in schools was very intriguing. My personal story of strong vs. weak teachers was in 7th or 8th grade. The first day of school, our French teacher was soft and kind to the students. Our civics teacher read us the riot act. Nobody liked him.

French class was a waste of time. The teacher never had control of the class. The kids did what they wanted, had little or no respect for her. Nobody learned a thing. The disruptions came from two or maybe three kids.

Same group of students in the civics class. No messing around. No disruptions. No issues. He had control of the class from the very first day. By the end of the first month, his class was laid back and fun. He never had to force anything.

Teachers have to be able to control their classrooms. They have to have the skill to do so. And they have to have the backing of the administration to enforce that control.

As one pundit put it in the comments, the admin should respond to parents saying “you can’t do that to my little angel” with “that’s fine, we’ll just suspend him instead, if their behavior after suspension is still unacceptable, we’ll expel him.”

I tried something new this week. Instead of quoting, highlighting and commenting, I instead quoted and highlighted.

That is a bit faster for me, but might require more effort on your part.

What is your preferred style?
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By awa

3 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. we have over a foot of heavy wet snow here. amazing thing during this mess is power flickered a few times but never went off… usually 10 minutes into a “storm “ POOF no power.. skools are chock full of touchy feelys that hate discipline… this year will be the deciding factor if We the People can save the last place on earth for Freedom… Im trying to be positive…

  2. WNY has about an inch on grass and ground, hard surfaces are wet. Flakes in the air this morning. Not an unusual scenario for the opening week of Trout season in NYS.

  3. Teachers can only control their classroom if the school principal AND district administration will allow them to.
    Otherwise they are just pissing in the wind…and in some schools taking the very real risk of being murdered by
    one of the many sociopathic two legged vermin posing as adolescents. Every year that passes fewer and fewer
    school districts will take a stand against rotten kids. Thus every year more and more kids become rotten. It’s why
    the number of competent capable teachers is dropping like a stone. And it’s why the USA is no longer a major player on the world stage technologically. We have to import most of our engineers and inventors now.

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