It is that time of year, it is time to beg for your support.  Visit the store, there are a couple of support options there

There are many cases that seem to be in limbo, waiting for something to come out of the Supreme Court.

I expect something in Rahimi soon. I’m hoping Thomas writes the opinion.

Welcome to the new readers and commenters.  It is nice to see you here.

What is it that you look for from GFZ?

The comments are open, have at it.

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By awa

3 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. You’re a machine Awa. Thanks for all of your expert work here on the blog and in your life.
    In my opinion, there’s nothing to improve on here. There’s nothing to fix, nothing to add and nothing to subtract. I do have one request of the four of you. Stay healthy, safe and strong. Ok, now I’m heading to the store cart,

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