Welcome to Friday Feedback. Anybody can add comments down below.

We are going to start the membership requirement for comments Saturday. We will also start releasing some membership only articles.

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You can yell at me at awa@troglodite.com

Thanks again to all our members who are supporting the site. We really really hope you’ve been enjoying the content.


Prompts for feedback:

  • What topics you would like to see covered
  • What regular postings from Miguel you miss the most
  • Frequency of postings
  • What horrible grammar and spelling AWA has.
  • What changes of the site do you like/dislike
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By awa

8 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. When we used to write comments they wrote out like a paragraph. Now when we submit them they look like a grocery receipt- long and narrow. If you put on your redneck hat the grammer is not a bother to me. I luv this blog. Most of the topics are good. Keep it up

    1. I haven’t seen the “long and narrow” you mention. The only real glitch is that blank lines are deleted. Perhaps it’s a distinction of computer browser vs. smartphone access?

    2. This only happens on narrow devices. It also only happens when the number of replies gets to deep. I’ve made a change that says that there should be a minimum of 30 characters on each row. For people on mobile devices this means that you can just slide the screen over a little bit. This should make it easier to read.

    3. I think I have something that works. It changes the look of the page as a whole but it allows you to read comments a little easier.

  2. I miss Miguel’s regular posts and the blog is less enjoyable in his absence. I will not be joining to pay for what had received gratis but I will miss the stimulating essays on our culture. I’m sure I’ll be deleting the GFZ bookmark in the near future.

    I do wish you success as you make the site your own.

    1. That is your choice, of course. I miss Miguel’s regular posts as well. He has a way of writing that is unique and fun.

      Most of the content here on the blog will remain gratis. The only change people that don’t normally comment will see is that reply and comment buttons will go away.

      Certain posts, like Friday Feedback will remain open to anybody commenting.

      We are going to continue to try and deliver what our readers want.

      Thank you for being a long time reader.

  3. AWA, you’ll know better than I how your system works with Google Blogspot.com, but however you pass over the title of the latest posts works doesn’t work with Blogger. My link to your blog uses that format and the most recent post it shows is “I want to make a competition TV show.” I kinda think that was mid-week at some point, but it’s definitely a few days old.

    1. I went to your blog and I see what you are describing. Unfortunately we don’t have any control over the bloglist widget. When the page loads the widget is suppose to pull the latest article from the blog. I don’t know how that is being done at blogspot. You might want to open a ticket and see what they have to say. You can also try removing and then adding GFZ back to see if that fixes the problem.

      Thank you for reporting this issue. We will certainly work with you to get it resolved.

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