This bullshit from UN News and World Report:

Woman Who Survived 1918 Flu, World War Succumbs to COVID
Primetta Giacopini’s life began and ended with pandemics.

What the headline implied:

COVID is worse than the 1918 flu.  So much worse that COVID is killing Spanish Flu survivors.  You need to be terrified of COVID.

What anyone with an iota of critical thinking noticed:

That was 103 years ago, how the fuck old was that woman?

The answer is, she died at 105.

Of course any death is sad, but at 105 she could have died from being put directly underneath an air conditioning vent.

She lived a good long life and that should be respected.

The media is turning that into COVID panic porn.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “From the annals of horrible biased journalism”

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