Which part of Afghanistan gun culture?

Can I walk around with a full auto military surplus machine gun and drive an old Toyota with a 50 cal, 14.5mm auto cannon, or recoiless rifle mounted in the bed?

No, I wish, but no.

How about the part where a paramilitary terrorist organization confiscates civilian owned guns so they (the terrorists) can oppress the population?

Not in Texas, maybe California soon enough?

What about the gun culture were people who speak out about the tyrannical regime get murdered by the regime’s paramilitary thugs?

No, that’s Portland.

So tell mr which aspect of Afghanistan gun culture is in Texas?

Oh yeah, none of it.  The point is to equate Texas with the Taliban to make all the good-thinking people hate them.

Frum’s job isn’t to be right, it’s to feed the moral superiority and hatred of those on his side.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Frum is wrong on every part of this”
  1. David Frum is not “On My Side.”

    Words I think of when I hear his name:
    Wishy washy
    Effete Idiot
    NeverTrumping Moron
    Overeducated ponce

    I could go on and on. But why? Except for the unearned pulpit given to this credentialed mediocrity by the media, he is a Non-Entity.

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