Jews should not have to hide because the Palestinian terrorist supporters are having a field day.

Jews should be allowed to be armed to the fucking teeth and the State of New York should be protecting innocent people from terrorism.

To tell the Jews to hide on the Sabbath is fucking disgusting.

Fuck the State of New York.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Fuck New York”
  1. In severe “gun free zones” you are limited in what you can do. Until We the People stand up by the millions this is what you have to put up with. Can you imagine the cops just standing by and allowing you to defend your self and property in nyc?? They would have a field day dragging people off to jail… during covid everyone did exactly what gubmint wanted and the few who didn’t were made example of. It will take millions of us to defy gubmint…

  2. Not surprised they issue this kind of “suggestion.”
    I would guess that if the muslims where having services and the Jews were protesting, the opposite would happen. The police would be out in force to ensure the protest stays as far away from the mosque as possible.

  3. One more thought….
    Isn’t this an admission that the State of NY knows the muslims are a bunch of violent thugs who do not care about being civil in any way? Does this mean that the State of NY also thinks any and all Jews are responsible for the “so-called” injustices against Gaza that forced the “poor oppressed” muslims to fight back?
    If the State of NY actually said “Close your doors because we do not trust the muslims to act in a civil manner toward you.” It would be essentially the same.
    Toss that back at the idiots publishing that tweet.

  4. That’s on the level of telling a rape victim that she was asking for it because of how she was dressed.
    Then again, Covid showed us which side NYC/NYPD leadership threw their lot in with.

  5. This noise: ‘Hitler was duly elected!’ farted by Ms.Hillary: denounces the: Trump ’24 win campaign … It compares to the Peace for Palestinians, demonstrations by assimilated America Jues against the Oct 7th War.

    Proof that many insane human beings, more full of shit, than sane folk. Puts these “Jues” in prisons together with captured stinking Hamas Arabs!

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