Every day it seems that the police give me a reason to hate them more.

Take this shooting.


The guy was covered from multiple angles.

One officer shouts “gun.”

Instantly, every trigger happy dumb fuck with a badge starts screaming different instructions.

The loudest is “get down.”

The fuck sort of instruction is that?

Get down.  Do it.  Stand up and then get down on the ground.

Did you drop your hands first?

That’s because the national inclination of people is to put their hands on the ground and lower themselves.  Getting down with your hands up using only your legs is awkward and can be difficult.

So they gave him at least one order that caused a guy with his hands up to put his hands down and they shot him in the back.

Multiple instructions shouted at once.  At least one bad and difficult to comply with instruction.  Almost instant going to shooting.

This was terrible.

Now consider yourself in this situation.

You’re not a criminal.  Just a guy with a carry permit, lawfully carrying, and maybe the cops confuse your car with another or some other shit happens.

What do you do to keep from dying?

Do you think if you say, “I’m confused, what do you want me to do,” they won’t shoot you in the back for not complying?

Of course they will.  You hesitated in their life and death version of Simon Says, and now you’re in the morgue.

Cops should be punished for this, but they won’t.

I’m not backing the blue when they do shit like this.  Fuck ’em.


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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “Fuck the Blue”
  1. For over 20 years of my LEO career, I watched the affirmative action machine hire a majority of weak minded affirmative action hires. When those ran out, then they filled the department with a majority of weak minded white males. That has been over 33 years since I began watching and I see, the problem has only gotten worse.

    My department went so far as to print their intention to hire the worst in their Departmental Operations Manual. The preamble in the manual read, “The department practices an proactive affirmative action hiring plan to make up for deficiencies of the past”.

    That language should have ended careers, but the author more likely ended up near the top of the food chain. The damage done in 35+ years is irreversible. Prepare to repel boarders.

  2. J.Kb I’ve looked at this several times, one second at a time, frame by frame, and I am not convinced he was dropping his left hand in order to comply to get on his knees. Once they saw the gun, available for the guy’s left-hand side, and he dropped that left hand, they went to worst case scenario and mag dumped him.
    Now, other than that point, I am with you on the other points. These guys were endangering themselves, if they had training it went out the window the minutes their adrenaline spiked—it looked to me like all but perhaps one cop was in tunnel vision status, total confusion, no strategic order of operation.
    And you’re right, I would not want to be pulled over by this crew and any crew like them. I would not back this type of blue crew.

    1. I watched it a bunch of times. I can’t tell intention from the fraction of a second that he moves his hand. That’s the problem. They should have had him keep his hands up and not move until the officer took his gun. Then, if he tried to draw it, intention would have been clear, not ambiguous.

    2. Irrelevant. Cops should be required to have the “bad” guy at least fully draw BEFORE they can go lethal. That should be the trade off for the qualified immunity that they currently get. I’d prefer they get the same ROE that the military does. Can’t fire until fired upon. Because you know a DA would crucify one of us for this shit.

  3. But, wait…. aren’t the only people trained and responsible enough to carry guns the police?
    Asking for a friend.

  4. “Gun” “Drop down to the ground now”. The poor bastard thought they wanted him to drop his gun, he was trying to comply with their stupid orders. They need to hang for this.

  5. If you hear multiple conflicting order? Freeze. Do absolutely nothing.

    It may not work, but it makes it more likely your surviving loved ones will collect a large civil settlement.

  6. Have you and your loved ones game planned what to do in this situation?

    Would you try to disarm in the car with the police watching you for furtive moves?

    Announce that you are licensed and carrying while seated in the car?

    Announce when exiting before they see your gun?

    Die uselessly in the name of “officer safety?”

    What would you do?

  7. When the ONLY tool in your toolbox is lethal force than EVERY problem needs killing. The problem is piss poor training and the fact that from day one till the day they retire EVERY cop is told EVERY day “go home at the end of your shift NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO”. And that mindset is a recipe for murder.

    1. @Dan: Going home at the end of your shift is a worthwhile goal.

      It should not be the primary goal.

      Protect and serve is the job. If someone isn’t willing to place that task at the top of the list, perhaps another profession would be more suitable.

  8. There are some things one might do to try to stay alive around the Gestapo – both bare hands out the window while yelling “I have a concealed permit” and not moving (“concealed permit” NOT “gun permit” – any use of the word “gun” will produce instantaneous Gestapo mag dumps. Then again, given the amount of adrenaline the cops have in their system and their IQs, saying “rabbit,” “children” or “ice cream” would probably get the same result).

    Since cops enjoy shooting people so much, empty hands out the window might just get you shot through the windshield. They’re not trying to control the situation or calm anyone down, they’re looking for a reason, any reason, to mag dump you.

    We’re getting precariously close to the point where we’re going to have to start shooting first, just in self defense.


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