Lorain police officer under investigation following shooting of dog

A Lorain police officer is under investigation following a shooting July 2 of a dog at the corner of Eighth Street and Oberlin Avenue.

Three and a half-year-old Dixie, a Labrador retriever mix, escaped from the house and the family was trying to retrieve her as the officer was driving past.

Brittany Kaspirek, daughter of dog owner Tammie Kerns, said Dixie had gotten out and the officer called her toward him.

Kaspirek said that while the officer was about 25 feet away, he pulled out his gun and shot the dog once in the leg.

As she began trying to run away, the officer shot the dog three more times on the sidewalk, the woman said.

The dog died on the sidewalk.

There is body cam footage if you can stomach it.


He executed  yellow lab.

There is no justification for that.

Even if the first shot was plausibly justified, the last three were not.

I honestly hope karma makes him eat it in a traffic stop. No, I will not back down for that.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Fuck this cop”
  1. Remember kids, cops aint yer friend… man, there is real cruelty in our world.. kinda like one of the fire chief here laughing as my buddies shop burned…

  2. There is always a percentage of humanity which advances into positions of authority who do not possess the necessary character, the required moral mindset, to perform what the given position demands on a daily basis within a diverse society. This video is proof that this officer does not respect the citizens of his community but instead has a very dangerous level of personal disdain for them—you didn’t keep your dog under control, so you don’t deserve your dog, and therefore I will act accordingly to return this wrong to its proper order.
    I have to believe that he would not have done this, if he did not work under the same sick mindset within his superiors. He did this because he knew it was OK. This event is similar to the BTK mindset.

  3. that animal was scared and in pain and even as it laid there dying it had no hostility on its face or body language. This trash wanted to kill an animal and any excuse possible to use his gun and I applaud the community for getting in his face and not backing down.

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