I am speaking with Miguel, and we are moving forward. Rest assured, Hagar and I will continue to post. What exactly that path forward is, I do not know. But I will have an article ready to post for tomorrow morning. I’m hoping that Miguel will give me permission to post the Friday Feedback here.

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By awa

10 thoughts on “Future of the Bloggings”
  1. this is the only blog I participate in… yall post good information about various things goin on. Id like to see it continue.. and I think rule one keeps people honest..

  2. I hope that you do continue the blog. Yeah, that X post was a bit over the top, but I don’t think that it’s a reason to can everything that you’ve built here. Didn’t always agree with what JkB would post and did disagree in the comments from time to time, but I never wrote the site off because I disagreed with him. I’m hoping that you, if anything, kick him to the curb and keep on trucking. I like this blog and it would be a shame to put it to pasture over an X post.

    1. Miguel is just proving jkb’s point tbh. Even if I don’t agree with jkb, Miguel is acting like a fragile boomer faggot. Run this place for 16 years and shut it down because of one comment that got your panties in a bunch?

      Imagine building a relationship with someone like that only to have the guy throw it away over a moronic post. I really thought we left all the relationship destroying shit behind when the covid scam went away.

      Miguel you two should kiss and make up. Even if you don’t wanna write anymore, you owe it to the guy you worked with for so long.

  3. I occasionally comment here, but I’m a near daily reader of this blog, and it’s my personal opinion that it should stay open.

    I get that what J.Kb posted on X was repugnant, and I totally without reservation agree with that assessment. *HOWEVER*, I think that shutting it all down because of one person’s post is a mistake. I think deleting the post, locking J.Kb out of all of the gunfreezone.net outlets, and posting a scorching denouncement like Miguel did is totally warranted and appropriate.

    This blog provides a lot to the community whether you realize it or not, and I’d hate to see it snuffed out forever because of the idiocy of a single person. Yes, this is Miguel’s joint. He’s free to do with it as he pleases, and maybe this was just the last straw. I get it. the justified anger came though in Miguel’s post on the matter.

    If that’s the case, then so be it. However, I do sincerely wish that he would take a little bit of time to reconsider. I understand that when confronted with something that goes so far against one’s beliefs that the natural reaction is to just stop. But as someone who comes here daily almost without fail, I’m humbly asking that the decision to kill gunfreezone.net be reconsidered.

  4. I agree with dittybopper. Don’t let one persons action close down everything you have built up. I can under stand the emotion, it pi$$ed me off………….a lot.

    Don’t kill the blog because of one idiot’s remarks.
    (at least keep the store open until I can get a couple of more morale patches)

  5. I, too, would very much like to see this blog continue. I’ve seen other blogs I liked get taken down because a co-blogger crossed a line or several, and having this one also close down would be a bummer.
    There’s been much of value here, and your loyal audience still appreciates it.

  6. It’s your blog and I get it. That said, this has been a daily read for me for years. I’ll miss you all a lot if you go. Also, if you quit, they win.

  7. Miguel, you are the BRAND here. You are the main reason I began coming here and have remained the main reason. Yes, J.Kb brough value to Your Place, but I thought of him as a youngin, a son who means well but goes off the rails like all 30-40 year old alpha males do—I have a son exactly like him. And Awa brought an expansion to Your Place Miguel, an expansion greatly appreciated because he’s my age, and has a wealth of experience and knowledge to bring to Your Place.
    It’s Your Place Miguel, It’s YOUR Gun Free Zone, do NOT take a bulldozer to it. Do some remodeling, put up a bigger fence, and a No Trespassing sign, heck put a submachine gun on the roof, but don’t level it to the ground.

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