When we made the decision to move weeks back, one of the items that I told the wife it was coming with us to Tennessee was the generator. She kinda shook her head a bit when I pointed out that the gas cans were also coming. siI know, they are bulky, ugly and smelly, but she understood that they are the old school and modified for fast pour, something you can’t find anymore.

After seeing the photos of idiots above. I am more convinced than ever we are doing the right thing.


And special clueless mention goes to:

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By Miguel.GFZ

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14 thoughts on “Gas Shortage Idiots”
  1. What exactly are they planning to do with a bag or tote of gas? I mean, how the F are you going to pour gas from a tote into your car’s gas tank? Assuming she makes it home without having it all slosh out?

    I mean, I made fun of my son driving around town looking for gas after the freeze. He burnt up half a tank of gas looking for gas rather than just waiting it out at home. That was stupid. But this? This is a special kind of stupid.

  2. Keeping the good gas cans is sensible.
    I had to buy all new gas cans this past year (not having had any, pre-move). The round metal 5-gallon ones with built-in flex spouts are good, but darn pricey. (Justrite AccuFlow, that’s the one I was thinking of… and, YIPE! The price has gone through the roof lately!)
    We drove past a few gas stations this morning, and people seemed to be behaving normally. Despite the alarming indications on GasBuddy’s map (which seems not to be getting updated, at least with regard to this area), most of the stations had fuel, though prices were up substantially from last week.

  3. According to the better half, gas prices jumped over the weekend. She claims it went up by $0.25 from Friday when she filled and Sunday when I filled.

    Prices here have been stable at $2.85/gal since Sunday. No stupids at the gas stations in town. No lines either.

    Just south of us next state over a friend is reporting that they are out of high test but no other reported outages.

    I’ve got the little modifier caps but haven’t installed them yet. I need to.

    I also need to get a few more red cans.

    1. That’s the ticket! I have two of those (5 gallon size), plus one in yellow, plus various less-good-but-cheaper containers, such as jerrycans. Recent practice is to use the AccuFlow cans as decanters, pouring fuel into them from the more awkward containers and then dispensing into equipment.
      Gotta go use some of that Diesel now; the walkway down to the garden is overgrown.

  4. Several stations in my area around Tampa have run out of diesel and high test. Looks like about 10 percent of the stations are affected. No big spikes in prices.
    I filled up our cars on Tuesday and have no plans on driving any long distances so we should not have any problems. I can walk to the grocery if I need anything, and the exercise will do me good.
    My family in North Carolina was having a rough go for a few days, but were able to fill up their car after waiting in line for over an hour. People were cheering when a tanker truck pulled in to the station to drop off a load of gas.
    Gas Buddy’s showrunner says many areas’ shortages should be coming down by the end of the weekend now that the pipeline is running again. The current choke point is getting the fuel distributed to the stations as tank truck drivers are limited and overworked.
    Everyone needs to keep calm and stop panic buying which will only prolong the state of emergency.

  5. My wife saw a trucker on tiktok who claims that there is a severe shortage of drivers! Its good pay but hard work. He claims that there is a 12 000 driver shortage. Anyone who can confirm this?

    1. I’ve seen that general statement too, without the specific number. Then again, according to the WSJ there are around 8 million open jobs right now in the USA, many of them not getting any applicants because of Biden’s policies.

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