On Monday, a black man named Jordan Neely died as the result of a choke hold applied to him by a white passenger aboard an NYC subway.

America instantly split into two camps:

Neely was lynched because America is evil and racist.

The passenger who choked Neely was a hero for defending people from a violent crazy person.

One of the stranger arguments made by the former camp is that crazy people on the subway are normal.  Just one of those quirky, local favor things about living in NYC.


This is the video going around of Neely.  This is what they want you to believe crazy homeless people on the subway are like.


They are harmless entertainment.

Other videos show what crazy homeless on the subway are really like.




Neely has 42 prior arrests for various violent crimes.

It’s not quirky local flavor to be tormented and assaulted on public transportation.

That’s not how life should be in a functional civil society.

The people who are trying to convince you that it is are pushing anarchotyranny.  They are trying to convince you that you have no right to expect a quality of life despite all you pay in taxes and fees.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Gaslighting the danger”
  1. I used to work with someone who thought that having his car window broken and his stuff stolen was just part of living in San Francisco. In that conversation, he sort of blamed himself for leaving anything in view.
    I suspect lots of blue city dwellers in fact do view this sort of thing as just a normal part of life. As Mrs B puts it, in their case the water has all boiled away and the frog is now on fire, but they still can’t see it.
    And we are so happy to be out of California now, I can’t even tell ya! 🙂

  2. But it’s “bourgeoise” to expect not to be attacked while commuting to your job! Embrace the violence and welcome the pain with revolutionary fervor!

    I wonder how the people who expect us to tolerate this would react if they faced this in their neighborhoods?

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