2014: Detroit Police Chief Urges Citizens to Arm Themselves. 

2015: Detroit Homicide and Violent Crime Rates Drop.

Do not expect the national media to cover this pair of stories much. It kind of shattersthe leftist narrative that armed citizens will lead to gunfights over parking spaces and mishandled coffee orders.

Source: GayPatriot » Contra ‘The Narrative’

And once again, what’s The Narrative?

You do not fight the narrative. The narrative will destroy you. The narrative is all-powerful. The narrative rules. It rules us, it rules Washington, it rules everything.

The narrative is the set of assumptions the press believes in, possibly without even knowing that it believes in them. It’s so powerful because it’s unconscious. It’s not like they get together every morning and decide “These are the lies we will tell today.” No, that would be too crude and honest. Rather, it’s a set of casual, nonrigorous assumptions about a reality they’ve never really experienced that’s arranged in such a way as to reinforce their best and most ideal presumptions about themselves and their importance to the system and the way they’ve chosen to live their lives. It’s a way of arranging things a certain way that they all believe in without ever really addressing carefully. It permeates their whole culture. They know, for example, that Bush is a moron and Obama is a saint. They know communism was a phony threat cooked up by right-wing cranks as a way to leverage power to the executive. They know that Saddam didn’t have weapons of mass destruction, the response to Katrina was fucked up…. Cheney’s a devil. Biden’s a genius. Soft power good, hard power bad. Forgiveness excellent, punishment counterproductive, capital punishment a sin.

And the narrative is the bedrock of their culture, the keystone of their faith, the altar of their church. They don’t even know they’re true believers, because in theory they despise the true believer in anything. But they will absolutely de-frackin’-stroy anybody who makes them question that….

Stephen Hunter. I, Sniper, pp. 231-232

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

3 thoughts on “GayPatriot » Contra ‘The Narrative’”
  1. What makes Mr Hunter’s take on it so accurate is that he worked for a newspaper. He saw this all first hand.

  2. I prefer the term ‘unstated conspiracy’ for this matter. Everyone is in on it, everyone will take actions to further the conspiracy or destroy the persons against the conspiracy, but I believe never shall be found any written evidence thereof.

  3. It’s not like they get together every morning and decide “These are the lies we will tell today.” No, that would be too crude and honest.

    Remember the Journ-o-list fiasco? They were getting together to talk about what lies to spread and what truth to hide.

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