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I know that Miguel has not done gear reviews in the past, I don’t know if they are just not his style, or what.  I have been doing a bit more shooting lately and come across a product that I love and decided to do a write up on it.  If Miguel is OK with it, I might do a few more.

Full disclosure: I am not paid to advertise this product and I paid full price for it.

My very first AR was (still is) an RRA LAR-15 HBAR A2, translation: 20 inch heavy barrel, fixed carry handle.  I got it cheap, new in box, old stock, at a gun show.  Being an A2 model, there was no really good way to mount optics on it.  I tried rails that mounted into the carry handle, Z-mounts that mount in front of the carry handle, special carry handle scope mounts, none really worked.  I eventually got an A4 AR-15 to put a red dot on, the a few more like that with various optics, and the whole time my A2 was left in the safe.

Then I discovered the Biltzkreig Components Chevron Front Sight Post while goofing around on the gun web.  I figured I’d give it a try on the old A2.  I had been thinking about upgrading the front post on that to a fiber optic for a little while and doing some pinking with iron sights.  All I can say is that I LOVE THAT SIGHT.  Not a big fan of the name of the company, but the sight is great.

I am a fan of the German post style reticle on low power optics.  I have a Trijicon 1.25-4×24 Accupoint on one of my ARs that I used for 3 gun and really like it.  The USMC also adopted the chevron post reticle on the ACOG they issue.   It is fast and reasonably accurate which is why it is popular on dangerous game scopes.  For rapid shooting, treat the chevron like a big red dot, nice and quick.  For accuracy, set the zero to be the tip of the chevron or triangle and you have a very precise point of aim.

Well the Blitzkrieg sight post works exactly the same way – center the chevron in the rear peep, using the tip of the chevron as the point of aim.  It is a lot more precise than the old black front post and the contrast paint really makes it stand out.  I ordered it with the luminescent green paint (really a slightly off white), and a few seconds with a flashlight it is glows bright for about 15 min.  This sight breathed new life into my old AR, and I enjoy shooting it now more than my others with optics.  More importantly, I am grouping the same with this sight as I am with my 2 MOA red dot, so unmagnified accuracy is great.

I already ordered a second sight for one of my carbines and I’m going to try and run it 3 Gun Factory Division, see how it performs.

Below are some pics I took in my garage of the sight.  One is a close up of the front post and the other is the sight picture when aiming at a target taped to the wall.  Sorry no range pics but no photography is allowed at the range.



Like I said, I’m not getting paid for this, I’m not getting a free sight, I just really like this setup and though I’d share it with you.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Gear Review – Blitzkrieg Components Chevron Front Sight”
  1. Looks like something I may have to try. I love my A2 but I don’t see as well as I did in my MC days. This could bring my accuracy back up to acceptable levels. Thanks for the tip.

    1. It is, but there is a catch. It is screwed up and down just like a standard front sight, but since you want the painted stripe facing you, you have to turn it a full rotation which is 5 inches of elevation at 100 yards. I was fortunate that I managed to get it zeroed with a 50/200 yard zero with the POI just at the tip of the chevron. But it might be of by an inch or so depending on your rifle. This, however is the same issue faced by nearly every other AR front post night sight or fiber optic where the tritium vial or fiber has to face back at you.

      Of course windage is adjusted in the rear.

      1. Thanks, I couldn’t tell how much spin you could get if any with the wide base.

        I can see it working more easily with a rifle length barrel.

        What I’d really like is non offset express style sites for a short AR/pistol that you can cowitness. That would be nifty.

  2. Am I missing something here? Seems like you’d still have fine adjustment at the rear sight, if the front was only adjustable for rough settings.

    1. Generally AR sights are windage adjustable on the rear and elevation adjustable on the front. For fixed rear sights with an elevation knob, that is for changing poi at various distances, not the actual zero.

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