He’s worth $14 million.

Five dollars for a gallon of gas and a pound of chicken might not affect him but I don’t collect royalties and appearance fees from a TV show 53 years ago to feed my kids so no, this isn’t patriotic to me, it’s a kick in the dick.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “George Takei can go f*ck himself with his patriotism”
  1. A) Is he still a thing?
    B) Does he know that the US is still buying oil & gas from Vlad?
    B-1) Does he care?
    C What are his views on nuclear power (or dilithium crystals)?

  2. Every time he opens his mouth and another elitest word salad cubes it I revive myself that George is not Sulu.

    It helps

  3. George: The freaking KEY to limiting Putin’s Actions and his ability to make war is simple.
    Stop giving Russia Money! Russia’s biggest exports are OIL and Natural Gas! Lower the price of oil and natural gas! Decrease demand by giving Europe and the World Alternative Supplies.
    How? Increase Supply! US and Canadian Supplies!
    How? Drill Wells on Federal Lands! Open ANWR! Build the Keystone XL Pipeline.
    All those things F. Joe Biden STOPPED in his first week of his pResidency.
    Did Joe Biden make this Russo-Ukrainian War possible by funding Putin’s Military with higher oil prices, and more oil demand for Russian Oil?

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