Germany, like most of Europe, had decided that the people are not entitled to defend themselves in any way.

This is proving disastrous as the these nations are ever increasing their populations with individuals from countries and cultures that have a very different standard of interpersonal behavior.

Father violently defends his daughter against Grabscher – that’s why he was also reported  

Grabscher is the German word for groper.

On Tuesday we reported an incident at the S-Bahn station Hackerbrücke. There, a drunk man from Eritrea grabbed the butt of a 21-year-old from Giesing. When her father noticed the Grabscher attack, he punched the 21-year-old with a fist in the face.

For reference: Eritrea is a small predominantly Muslim, totalitarian dictatorship on the horn of Africa, wedged between Ethiopia and Sudan.

Every part of me says “good for dad.”  If a man gropes your daughter – or anybody in your family for that matter – a great way to teach him about consent and good touch/bad touch is to make him spit out his teeth.

Then the police filed two ads. Now, because of a sexual harassment against the young man and a bodily injury against the 42-year-old from Unterschleissheim determined.

Again, Google Translate didn’t quite get this, the police are pressing charges against both the groper and the father.

The charges against the father are more severe.

When this hit the German news wire, the German people were expectedly skeptical.

The fact that now the father has an ad on the cheek, made for many readers of and for displeasure. In the comment section under this article and on Facebook, they expressed the opinion that the father had acted in self-defense, and one could not expect him to stand idly by. Many do not understand why the 42-year-old should now be punished for wanting to help his daughter.

Makes sense.  A man grabs your daughters ass and you rearrange his face.

Therefore, we asked the Federal Police in Munich, why it also came here against the father for display. Spokeswoman Petra Wiedmann said: “It is up to the judiciary to assess the case. There is a suspicion that there were two crimes, one sexual harassment and the other a physical injury. The police are required by law to bring both. “

The German people forgot that they are living in the age of giant state bureaucracies.  Bureaucracies have no tolerance for common sense.  Every rule must be enforced without consideration for the circumstances.  The bureaucracy cannot abide people looking after themselves, that negates the need for the bureaucracy to ever multiply.

Wiedmann also said that you have other options for action as a victim in such incidents. Especially at the time of the Wiesn, an official or someone from DB-Sicherheit was standing by the S-Bahn station Hackerbrücke every five meters. Wiedmann advises to also address the security forces on the ground in a preventative way if something suspicious occurs. One should then actively approach the officials and ask for help.

The only acceptable bureaucratic course of action is to allow the groper to do whatever he wants to your daughter, while you stand helpless, so that you can report the event to the police when it is all over.

The police, as members of the bureaucracy, will then deal with the situation in the most bureaucratic way possible.  Given the woke status of most of Europe, the Muslim migrant will probably be given a life of welfare for being a victim of some sort, while your daughter is called a racist for resistant the Migrants amorous advances.

The rampant crime rates in London, Malmo, and other European cities and countries that embrace this attitude is evidence that all the bureaucracy ends up doing is emboldening the criminals; which in turn mandates the need for more bureaucrats.

This is why castle doctrine, stand your ground, and the right to self defense are so important in America and must be preserved, and why consequently, the party of big goverment bureaucracy keeps trying to undo these protections.

In at least some parts of the United States, husbands and fathers, as well as the wives and daughters themselves, still have the right to respond to unwanted grab-assery appropriately.

We cannot be allowed to go the way of Europe on this.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Germany criminalizes being a good father”
  1. Not quite right:
    In Germany EVERYTHING gets reported by the police, that’s what happened here.
    Most of the times, even in cases like this, it does not result in a conviction.

    BUT apart from that: you’re totaly right. I bet the groper gets a free pass even if a court says he’s guilty (we have a lot of migrants with a dozens convictions but not a single day in jail).

    1. Tiredweasel,
      Thanks for the additional information. I wonder when the citizens will say “enough is enough!” Unfortunately, I surmise that such citizens will also feel the heavy hand of Government if they do.

      1. Of course – a migrant can, in extreme cases of course, rape and hurt people without seeing the inside of a jail. But try to resist arrest because you did not pay a parking fine… oh boy.

        You may have heard about the rise of rightwing extremists in central europe. Let me assure you: This is a problem that was cultivated.
        There were of course always nutjobs who thought Hitler did nothing wrong but the rise of these movements is a direct result of, you could say, political correctness.

        IF the father gets convicted and the groper walks free – which is a real possibility – what do politicians think will happen? 😉

    2. It’s not the reporting to the police, it’s the arrest and filing of charges.

      I guess the difference between this and America, and maybe this is the German system, is that police in many places have the ability to use their discretion when it comes to arresting and charging individuals.

      I can imagine in the US, the police taking to the father and deciding not to arrest or charge him. We see this all the time after home invasion shootings and alike where the police don’t arrest the home owner.

      Maybe the German system is that everyone gets arrested and goes to trial and the courts sort it out. If that is the case, that is a bureaucratic nightmare. Forcing someone who is highly unlikely to be convicted to go through the burden of a trial.

      1. He was not arrested.
        The only mention of an arrest is in your comment.
        We ARE talking about the same article and incident, right?
        And no.
        Hell no – if some presses an “Anzeige” (that’s what’s translated as “ad”) it is NOT a thing that goes before a court. It goes before a court if the “Staatsanwalt” (district attorney) says so. It’s honestly not that different than the US, or is it?
        Honestly, for someone complaining about the europeans because we have no clue how America works – you sure have no idea how “Europe” works but pretty loud opionions about it 😉

        Also: from all I gathered the US police is far more likely to arrest someone than the German police. Don’t forget that home invasion shootings are not that common here than they are in the US. So that is not exactly a good benchmark.

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