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7 thoughts on “Germany goes full Cartman on Social Distancing.”
  1. Ironically, the officers are unable toproperly distance while enforcing the 6 foot distancing rule with their handy sticks.

  2. Germany has yet to deliberately bring in a tennis champion for a tournament, then play Kafka Games with him so they can pretend to look tough on the unvaccinated.

  3. And you just KNOW that these sticks are normed and have like a 30 page rule book for them.
    Something like:
    “Handhabungsvorschrift für Abstandsüberprüfungsgerät, lang, im Dienstgebrauch bei Personengruppen über 3 Teilnehmern”
    “rulebook for distance measuring device, long, for on duty use for groups of people with more than 3 members”
    And required a 3 hour course to instruct the Polizisten in the proper use.

  4. Advantage: Germany
    Worldwide Gold Medal Winners of both the
    Show us your papers!” and the
    get in ze boxcars!” awards.

    The Australians are making a brave show as latecomers to the scene, but experience and decades of diligent practice will always win out over youthful exuberance.

  5. Norway,and France are right behind them tied at fourth and fifth. It’s one hell of a close horse race. And H/T to the blue states who are still doing vax passes and muzzling children for trying to be the best eurotrash.

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