She taped an N95 to her face then put a cloth mask over the top and is going to sit on at airplane with a reduced atmospheric pressure for several hours?

That sort of oxygen deprivation normally leads to brain damage, but given this sort of reaction, I assume she’s already brain damaged.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Getting hypoxia to own the Cons”
    1. “Vote! That’s great, I always vote! I voted for Trump!!”

      Would then take her all of 30 seconds to pass out from failed hyperventilating.

  1. I think if I was drugged enough to get on a plane i would have to have a depends on cause I would laugh until i pissed me self. Be even more funny if “it” got covid…N95 mask- 60% effective. Tell me honey- would you use a condom thats 60% effective??

  2. I assume that all of that was to protect her from the peasant effluent. I’ve still got the half face respirator from the chem lab [N95 PRE-filters] but I get grief since the exhaust is unfiltered. FOOIE. If you are that terrified, stay home and hide. Mostly, I go with the old ER Room protocol. The mask keeps blood, vomit and puss out of your mouth but wash your paws before you touch your face or food. Make like Rocky Raccoon.

    Talk to your doc about treatable comorbidities. “Treat’em if you got’em”.

    Nothing much to be done about age. I’d recommend a cute “therapeutic” redhead. My insurance carrier said “No Way”.

  3. Just, please, don’t sit next to me.

    Or do … but be aware I’m going to have the airline-provided snack and beverage no matter how hard you glare at me. And I’m gonna make sure I have gluten and peanuts.

  4. She’d be safer following Ben Shapiro’s advice: put a plastic bag over you head, then an elastic around your neck. Voila! Zero Wu Flu risk.

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