Getting old is not easy

So yesterday and by ways I am still not figured out, I managed to land three fingers of my right hand on a live eye of the stove.

It hurt like a Mo…

Sent pretty much 8 hours doing the 10 minutes in – 10 minutes out of cold water till the pain subsided enough to go to sleep.  Right now, as long as I don’t do something stupid like grabbing a hot mug of coffee, the pain is gone…OK dormant.

A boxer (forget who) was asked if when you get old it is tougher to see the incoming fists. The boxer replied that he could see just fine, it was getting out-of-the-way that gets harder with age.

I can attest to that.

Reflexes once were like this little manic creature sipping espresso and munching on Meth snacks: always ready to jump at the least of stimulus. Now? tea, eating cupcakes and sitting on a rocking chair.

Plan accordingly. I sure as hell have done so.

5 Replies to “Getting old is not easy”

  1. Heh, I remember doing that once, and of course the burner just happened to hit all three sets of joint on my fingers so the burns would crack ever time I moved my fingers. There is another reason for my next stove to be an induction cook top.

    1. The biggest downside to induction is the limited types of cookware.

      The sealed electric element range I’m using now is much safer than the old exposed one I was using.

  2. I have yet to do something that bad while cooking, the worst has been grabbing a hot metal handle on a Dutch oven.

    But I have done a lot of really dumb stuff as a kid, such as touching that bright glowing spiraling thing in the car (ie. the cigarette lighter), oh that hurt. Huge blister on my finger.

    Wishing you have a quick recovery.

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