VIOLENT father-and-son drifters Gino and Mark Stocco — who are armed with a high-powered rifle — have been linked to a stolen Toyota Landcruiser as it emerged police came within 100m of the fugitives.Wagga police crime manager Detective-Inspector Darren Cloake told The Daily Telegraph the men were armed with a high-powered SKS rifle, which is a Chinese version of an AK-47.On Friday evening, police came within 100m of the father-and-son who had secured a fence with a chain and lock and cut through other fences anticipating a showdown with police.

Source: Gino and Mark Stocco manhunt: Fugitives armed with AK-47 | HeraldSun

This is outrageous! We cannot have criminal running around with military weapons like that! Maybe we should heed Hillary Clinton’s call:

CSGV Hillary Australia style gun control worth looking at

What do you say? Where is Wagga? Let me Google it…wait.. Australia? But…but… that is not supposed to happen anymore! They solved all that stuff when they “bought” the guns back and imposed heavy Gun Control Laws! Unimpossible!

But let’s do it anyway because this time it will work. I promise.

Hat Tip to Mark W.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Gino and Mark Stocco manhunt: Fugitives armed with AK-47.”
  1. So an SKS is a high powered rifle that is a Chinese version of the AK-47?

    Nice journalistic thoroughness there. Why figure out facts when you can figure out what sounds the most scary!

    1. I want to know where they got the high-powered SKS. Myself, I only have the regular normal-powered SKS. Is this some sort of upgrade that can be purchased? Like a shoulder thing that goes up? ‘Cause I want one.

  2. Sadly, a few weeks ago they had a Muslim kid try to shoot up a Parramatta police station with a pistol. Sadly, he was able to kill an employee before the other officers shot him down- Aussie cops do carry guns after all.
    But imagine if the kid had gone for a mall or a school instead- you would probably not have heard a thing about it, because the MSM likes to portray Australia as gun and violence free.

  3. I was down there a couple of years ago, was told 17,000 + illegal guns were ‘found’ just in NSW in one year… Including Stens being manufactured in biker gang’s, garages…

  4. If Hillary likes Australia ways so much why don’t she move there and leave us Americans alone.Quit with the fairy tales and make believe of the problems we have and deal with the gangs,criminals,and mentally ill,and corruption that is the real trouble.

    1. Yeah, my go-to rifle is an FAL, and just last night I came across a box of 7.6×39 I had put on the wrong shelf, and I was amused by how diminutive that round is.

      The SKS is a lot of fun so long as you don’t want to hit anything past 100 yards.

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