Crowd sourcing site GoFundMe decided it didn’t agree with the Canadian truckers and announced it would donate that money instead to groups it agreed with.

There was immediate backlash because they pretty much admitted to fraud and theft as corporate policy and agreed to return the money to the donors instead.

GiveSendGo, another crowd sourcing site, stepped in to raise money for the truckers.

The Canadian government urged them not to give the money to the truckers and GiveSendGo to Trudeau to go fuck himself.

GiveSendGo was then hacked, the website taken down temporarily, and the list of donors stolen.

That list, the names of everyone who donated to the truckers was made public.

The Canadian National Observer and Washington Post both published the names of people from that list.  The media is harassing the donors.  Some donors have been fired.

The hacker went online and bragged about his escapade.


He’s not wrong.

No Western government will prosecute him for his obvious crimes because of who he sides with and who the victims of his crimes are.

Western jurisprudence is now entirely 100% political and partisan.

Criminals on the side of authority know they will not be prosecuted.

  1. If we were not a banana republic, he would be afraid of going to prison.  But precedent was set in 2020.  Those who commit terrorism, violence, and harassment in furtherance of the Left’s agenda will not be held accountable.

Unequal application of the law is one of the most telling signs of a dictatorship.

Thats we’re alert right now.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “GiveSendGo hacker isn’t wrong because the West has become a Woke banana republic”
  1. This is what bothers me:

    Growing up in the USSR, we had to proclaim our love and devotion to the Party. There was no choice.

    But I have very rarely seen there such an abundant gleefully willing obeisance to the tyrannical regime as I now observe among the twitteratties north of the border.

  2. The one thing Aubrey didn’t count on, is just maybe, one of the people who lost they’re job because of him, Comes Looking For Him! Wouldn’t that be a shame……

  3. And 100% off all Canadian and US police are supportive of the situation and willing to enforce it. This would not be possible without the full support of the enforcers.

  4. It’s been a continual pleasure to see these people be so agreeable in providing such high definition photography of themselves so there can be near 100% PID (that’s positive identification) for future activity.

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