Two squad cars in Madison’s South Police District will be patrolling with their blue and red lights activated — but no sirens — during certain, unannounced nighttime periods as part of a broader, summerlong plan to reduce crime and better connect with residents.
District Capt. Mike Hanson said in a Tuesday afternoon blog post that “the intent is to reassure residents that police are present in their neighborhoods and to warn those with criminal intent that we are in the area and will continue to be in the area.”

Some south Madison police to patrol at night with squad lights on | Crime |

I am sure that criminals, seeing the bubble gum lights flashing, will have a change of heart, quit their evil ways and go to church to pray for forgiveness and mend their ways.

Or they will just wait for the cops to go away and attack the unsuspected victim who is feeling safe because the cop car just went by and that means nothing bad will happen.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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4 thoughts on “Giving criminals a fair chance ?”
  1. Cruiser lights are extremely annoying, downright blinding to my aging and sucky eyes.

    Toodling around the neighborhood with the lights on would be a really good way to annoy the neighbors, imo.

  2. Chicago cops were doing this exact same stupidity a while back, according to SCC. Light up and cruise the nicer/business main drags… meanwhile, in the rest of the city, every night is a bad Beirut Saturday night circa 1975.

    Well, I guess there’s fewer rockets and grenades, but give it time…

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