Glass Houses

So the human filth at Jezebel got a hold of a Craigslist ad for a booth girl for the upcoming NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville.

NRA model

As one can expect, the anthropomorphic vomitus mass that wrote the article took umbrage at the “no visible tattoos, odd piercings, etc.”  requirement.  Her response was brief, and fully befitting the level of class possessed by this syphilitic ulcer of journalism.

We’ve sent an email seeking guidance on whether our existing piercings and advanced decrepitude are acceptable, and will update if we hear back. We won’t.

I think in that sentence, the author proved beyond a reasonable doubt, that she doesn’t understand what the person who posted the ad wants.  The ad pretty much describes a look or trope known as the “girl next door” or the “all American girl.”  This look is appealing because it is simultaneously attractive and wholesome, sexy without being raunchy.

There are companies that build their market on this look.  The most famous is Hooters, which mandates its “all American girl next door” look in employment contracts.

I should be offended by this, but it’s kind of hard to be.  Keep in mind that Jezebel is the angry feminist wing of Gawker Media, which is much less a media company than is it a stinking, purulent discharge of words on the internet.  Gawker just had its balls sued off (that’s being technical) to the tune of $115 Million, by Hulk Hogan.  During deposition, which I must remind you is sworn out-of-court testimony, the editor of Gawker stated that he would draw the line at publishing a celebrity sex tape if the celebrity was UNDER 4 years old.  This is the caliber of bipedal venereal disease that runs the website.  It’s hard to be let someone associated with something that bad have self-righteousness over you.

As bad as the article is, the comments are worse.  If this article is a piece of shit, what can you expect from the flies that buzz around it?

A few tried to paint the NRA show attendees as perverts or prudes, with weird psycho-sexual issues.  So far par for the anti-gun course.

Jezebel 2

Ah yes, criticism about lacking personality from a miserable social justice type who probably believes that personality is defined by dyed blue armpit hair.  
Jezebel 1

Jezebel 4

Several made expected but gratuitous comments implying NRA members are racist.

Jezebel 5

Jezebel 3

And then there were others that were just plain insulting.

Jezebel 6

Let the haters hate.  I’ve never been a booth girl, but I have worked security at conventions like this and $525 for three days is not bad at all.  The University of Louisville is out for the summer by then, so this seems like the perfect job for a college student on break.  I can tell you from experience, I had worse jobs over the summer.  I hope the girl that gets this job enjoys the show.  If I go (I really want to) I can’t wait to meet her.


10 Replies to “Glass Houses”

  1. Also remember, NRA reps often note that convention staff LOVE the NRAAM because the patrons are so polite and there is a complete lack of drama that most conventiono get a measured ration of.

    1. And clean. I was talking to one vendor that told me that at a lot of events, people go to the bathroom in the hallway areas because they don’t want to lose their place in line.

  2. They’re just keeping up their standard whining about booth girls (at tech conferences, auto shows, whatnot), while adding anti-NRA diatribes. If this were about a gaming conference, they’d bring up Gamer Gate and how the gaming world is full of misogyny (Google “Anita Sarkeesian,” who is a professional scammer/troll in this area and makes $$$$$$$$ off her fundraising based on never-delivered promises of studies).

    1. I know all about Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn and their ilk. Sarkeesian is the SJW/Feminist (Feminazi) version of Tipper Gore. Over the last 20 years, we have proven definitively, that there is no link between violent video games and violence in real life. Even as more households own game consoles (over 50% as of 2014), more people play video games (Over 80% of Americans have played some sort of video game), as graphics become more realistic, and violence becomes more over the top (Bulletstorm, GTA5), the overall violent crime rate has gone down.

      Now these gaming activists want us to throw out all of that knowledge and believe that depictions of women in video games causes rampant real life sexism. Because who needs science and evidence when you have ideology? These women are miserable scolds, who only want people to have the kind of fun that they approve of. The reason they make their money off of donations from other like minded ideologues, is because every time they try to make money from the free market, they fail,

      1. “The reason they make their money off of donations from other like minded ideologues, is because every time they try to make money from the free market, they fail.”

        Indeed. Remember “Air America” (the radio network)?

  3. 1: “reasonable doubt,” not “reason of a doubt.”
    2: Hey, my sister fits those criteria. She also makes more money than that and doesn’t live in the Louisville area. (She’s a newly-graduated accountant and making more money than I did at that point in my career as a programmer, but don’t tell the feminists at Jezebell that!)
    3: “Tattoos, piercings, any evidence of personality–” Um. No. Tattoos and piercings are not evidence of personality. Tattoos and piercings are the evidence of lack of personality. If she could capture peoples’ interest with her personality, she wouldn’t have tried to compensate with piercings and tattoos. (This is also an argument for why a 7 may be more fun to hang out with than a 10. If she couldn’t coast by on her looks alone, she’ll have an actual personality to go with them.)

  4. The same solicitation for the same female greeter at a sporting event, bar, or even a Hillary rally would never garner the same response.

    The Jezebel writers and comment section is for hypocrisy, and where fun goes to die.

  5. I have to wonder what it is about the gun control cult mental disorder that attracts so many sexual deviants to the movement. Their constant concern with penises and penetration is down right creepy. Then there is the writings of their fantasies triggered by a temp job ad, is there nothing that they can not turn into gun fantasy sex act? No matter the topic it all goes right between their legs, it’s as if there isn’t any higher brain function above breeding.

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