I kicked the Libertarian hornets next on Twitter.

Motherfucker, do I hate Libertarians.

Keep in mind I used to be one.

It was my first political awakening in college.

I came for the idea of freedom.

What I found was a hotbed of antisemitism and an attitude of “I got mine, fuck you.”

There wasn’t an antisemitic conspiracy the Libertarians didn’t wholeheartedly traffic in.

Let a Libertarian talk uninterrupted for five minutes and you’ll find out that the entire United States government is bought and paid for by the Jews and the Knesset gives Congress it’s marching orders.

That’s before they get into ranting about the Rothschilds and international banking.

Then they would counter with “We’re only noticing the facts” and the misattributed Voltaire quote ““To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

That quote is actually from the neo-Nazi founder of the National Vanguard neo-Nazi organization to justify his Jew hatred.

I think the moment that broke me was Libertarian who argued that the Holocaust wasn’t as bad as it was because the Jews went willingly, if it was really that bad they would have fought back more.

I thought I had found a group that was interested in political freedom.

What I found were a bunch of antisemitic pedophiles who wanted to sit around and argue against age of consent and Marijuana laws.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “God damn do I hate Libertarians”
  1. Sounds like it’s gotten even worse since I used to hang out with the Libertarians.
    Back when I was in college, they actually had principles.
    I wandered off when the organization drifted into corporate stoogery.
    Since then… well, I’d noticed that they’d gone full corporate stooge / pothead, but hadn’t been paying enough attention to see that the tinfoil antisemites and kiddy-diddlers had drifted in and made themselves at home.

    (A fairly recent example of corporate stoogerey, not necessarily from a capital-L type: all copyrights should be permanent! The public domain shouldn’t include anything written since the Founding! (Because… just think of poor Sony Pictures, slaving away in his mom’s basement to craft the next summer blockbuster, hoping against hope that it’ll turn a profit before the 95-year copyright expires.))

  2. Up here we have the “green” party which lumped the “independents” in with … and we all know what green they are most concerned with- dope.
    I think any political party other than gop has been infected with democrats..

  3. I don’t mean to piss anyone off, but I’ve always thought that libertarian/independent meant that a person wasn’t intelligent/man enough to be a liberal or conservative. I’m currently lost, the choice is between being a fascist demoncrat or fascist repubelican, great choices.

  4. I’ve been peripherally involved with Libertarians for a while, and I’m involved with the Free State Project here in NH (who are more libertarian than Libertarian).

    I also am unfamiliar with anti-Semitism and grooming.

    I do agree with their “leave me alone” principle. The Free State Project’s mascot is the porcupine (they don’t attack, but they fiercely defend). It seems like, at the personal level, many people also agree.

    For the most part , though, their stated goals are fantasy. The Libertarian candidates have basically gone nowhere for 40 years (or more). For various reasons, while the average person professes that they don’t want to be bossed around, they keep voting for candidates/parties that do boss them around–just in different ways. (The Left: sex ed is good, firearms ed is bad, and vice versa.)

    I am also (mildly) amused that several of the FSP folks are “against the next war”. Do they have any interest in the details? Why do they have guns? To fight a totalitarian government (purpose of 2ndA)? Wouldn’t that be “a war”.

    They seem mired in child-like thinking, voting their principles instead of taking tack toward their professed goals. Sigh.

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