God has a sense of humor

Amy Klobuchar is a Senator for Minnesota who just announced her intention to joining the Democrat’s Clown Car to become a presidential candidate. During her announcement speech, she declared that she would do her utmost to combat climate change (AKA Global warming) while snow was falling on her and everybody gathered for the occasion.

How much of a thoughtless drone you have to be to talk about Global Warming in the middle of the Winter in Minnesota?

Oh well, the more, the merrier…for us.

2 Replies to “God has a sense of humor”

  1. That’s why they changed the name from “global warming” — which may or may not happen — to “climate change” — which has always happened and always will, at least until the sun shuts down.

  2. Havent you noticed no matter what tropical location they pick for the “climate change summit” it SNOWS there? EVERY SINGLE TIME. Keep talkin morons, no ones listening

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