Former firearms executive Busse seeks Democratic nomination to challenge Montana Gov. Gianforte

Former firearms executive turned gun industry critic Ryan Busse is seeking the 2024 Democratic nomination to challenge first-term Republican Governor Greg Gianforte in Montana.

So that’s Busse’s endgame.

He is going to tryband roll his gun industry turncoat fame into political office.

But Busse suggested that Republicans are vulnerable in the state after failing to keep housing prices affordable, not taking action to prevent potential property tax increases and threatening women’s health care by passing several abortion restrictions.

He isn’t running for Montanans.  Hes running for Californians who moved to Montana.  He’s banking on Montaba being North Colorado where remote working Californians have eclipsed the native conservative population.

During a 25-year career in the firearms industry, Busse said, he directed the sale of almost 3 million guns from the manufacturer Kimber America. But he became disaffected as the increasingly politicized industry began aggressively marketing military-style assault rifles such as those used in numerous mass shootings.

Since leaving the industry, Busse has served as a policy adviser for Biden’s 2020 campaign and written a book and articles highly critical of the National Rifle Association and gun manufacturers.

His remonstrations against America’s gun culture could become a flashpoint in the campaign given the strong support for gun rights in Montana politics. Busse, who favors background checks before purchases but opposes bans on assault rifles, predicted Republicans will portray him as anti-gun.

“I know there’s a vast, frustrated majority out there that are decent, responsible gun owners, and those are the people I represent,” he said.

I wonder what gave everyone the idea he was anti-gun.  Maybe writing a book where he portrayed the entire gun industry as having decided to profit off mass murder and crime while he was the lone voice of reason and dignity might be part of that.

Busse’s two sons were among 16 young plaintiffs in a high-profile climate change lawsuit that resulted in a groundbreaking ruling last month that said Montana agencies were violating their constitutional right to a clean and healthy environment by allowing fossil fuel development without considering greenhouse gas emissions.

This is, perhaps, the most egregious claim against him.

That ruling was a farce and will destroy the energy industry in Montana.

Busse wants to lower property taxes for Californians who work from zoom while putting put of work Montanans in oil, natural gas, and coal.

Every part of this guy’s platform is a piece of shit.

He really is a slimebag who has made his career turning on everyone and everything to advance himself among the Left.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Gonna try and Bussefy Montana”
  1. Another snake out to enrich himself…. Meanwhile We the People continue to set NICS records…. I dont think there are enough liberal azzhats in Montana yet to vote this pos in.. but i could be wrong…

  2. “He isn’t running for Montanans. Hes running for Californians who moved to Montana.”
    Turn Montana Blue!
    Too bad, there is not a “Turn city/state Red campaign.” In fact, if there were, it would be universally disparaged across the board as anti-American.
    And, how does someone who ran a company that manufactures 1911s complain about “…increasingly politicized industry began aggressively marketing military-style assault rifles”
    Seriously? Is there any firearm more “military” than the 1911? Maybe I am the weird one. But, when I think of GIs, I see a 1911 as their sidearm. There is no other gun that is as closely associated with the military (in my mind) than the 1911. (OK, the US military. The Germans are all sporting the Lugers.)

    1. You’d be surprised at the Fudd’s and borderline anti’s you could find in the gun industry. RUMINT that was passed on to me, and my own personal gut feelings, was that the current CEO of Remington (who is a real piece of work) is a Fudd/damn near anti. If you look at the product lines towards the end, Big Green wasnt doing much of anything that could be considered “militaristic” or “tactical” and cancelled a number of products because of that. Even in their new incarnation they are playing it very traditional/safe.

  3. Off topic but the Germans apparently liked 1911s too since they snapped up every Norwegian M1914 they could.
    On topic, Having seen this in Oregon, I think Montana may be approaching a tipping point. Large population centers go first, as seen in BM114 voting in Oregon but there is hope. Oregon’s gerrymandering of the 5th congressional district led to a Californian from Bend primarying the moderate Democrat and getting the Republican elected
    Busse can be easily attacked as slimy out of stater out to destroy Montana.

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