6 Replies to “Gonna use this book a lot this year.”

  1. I can’t help but wonder how many of those who complain about Fudds have gotten off their Duffs to do the hard work of grassroots organizing. Or, for that matter, at least funding effective groups that are doing so.

    Full disclosure: I am seriously remiss in the matter of assisting grassroots organizing. However, at least I’m not complaining that those who *are* involved in the political fight haven’t delivered everything I want, right now.

    1. Very few are involved, and if you press them, you’ll find out very few vote, as well. So we have a bunch of gun owners who won’t join organizations, won’t do anything grassroots, won’t write their reps, and won’t even vote. They are literally doing nothing other than being angry on the internet.

  2. To quote Professor Dutch, “most activism is glorified freeloading”. You whine, and hope someone else comes along and fixes things for you.
    Then there’s the fact that there’s “gun rights” organizations who do sod all for actually fighting for gun rights except whine how the NRA is a bunch of sellouts in the hope that people will give them money instead.

  3. Oh that’s weak. I got called various versions of tyrant, coward, and traitor over suggesting that New Jersey cops wouldn’t be resigning en masse to avoid enforcing an 11 round magazine ban.

  4. I had one of those instant gratification snowflake gun owners calling me a Fudd on a different blog. Turns out that if you not only don’t renounce the NRA, but also fail to possess a white hot hatred for the NRA, you’re a Fudd. This all came about because I suggested that eligible NRA members vote for Board of Director candidates that they think might improve the organization.

  5. My opinion is: if you don’t join the NRA, and the 6% of gun owners who have joined the NRA, you don’t give a shit about the Second Amendment.

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