Some news from our island territory.

Good.  I hope they use them.

What we have found out since Hurricane Maria killed more Americans since 9/11 was that the government of Puerto Rico actively worked against the  residents of the island.

The government hid water, threw away MRE’s, and hoarded supplies in warehouses.

They did it to line their pockets, gain credit with the #Resistance for making Trump look bad, and to ultimately exercise control over the people.

It is not an understatement to say that this is Soviet levels of corruption and maliciousness by government officials.

The FBI has done some investigations which ideally should lead to some prosecutions.

The problem with this is that the Left in the United States will rush to defend the corrupt and malicious government of Puerto Rico as victims of Trump’s racism and actors without culpability because they are brown and Hispanic.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez already started down this path.

Considering this, I am very happy to let the US government not intervene and let the Puerto Rican people start lopping off government officials’ heads.

If after that, they want to declare independence from the US, I fully support that too.

When a government actively starves its citizens to death for political reasons, being sent to a comfy minimum security prison for a few years isn’t a proportional punishment.

Having the last thing they see be the stumps of their own necks as their heads roll down the street before a jeering crowd is.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Good for Puerto Rico”
  1. It’s long past time that the US cut PR loose. Let them be an independent nation or give them back to Spain, either is fine.

  2. Alexandria Donkey Chompers lost family in PR?

    How distant of a relation? If she actually lost a family member as a result of that hurricane, she was awfully silent about it. She is exactly the type to make that argument number one every time she criticizes Trump.

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