I hope these people storm every Christmas tree lighting, every Santa waving at kids, every public holiday event, every Christmas shopping sale, everything.

Normal, moderate people, will learn very quickly that the pro-Hamas protesters are assholes, who don’t care about Palestinians. They are just anti-Western, Jew-hating thugs that want to make life miserable for people.

The more normies get exposed to them being utterly insane, the more they undermine their own cause.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Good. I want to see more of this.”
  1. Problem is it’s happening in places that the urban crazies will keep voting for the railcars no matter how bad things get. They justify it as ‘anything but ‘R”

    The ‘normal’ people in the suburbs and medium towns aren’t seeing it directly then forget about it when the next episode of America’s Got Talent comes on.

    The ‘right wing fascists/racists’ (where these things are also not happening) are just stocking up on ammo and foodstuffs.

  2. Anyone with half a brain should expect this.
    The issue that leftists refuse to acknowledge is that islam is the problem. There is nothing peaceful about the “religion of peace.”
    But, the morons driving around with the Coexist bumper stickers refuse to acknowledge that not all “religions” are tolerant. In fact, looking at the Coexist bumper sticker, the only belief system that has any problems with the other is the C, which represent islam.
    Going left to right, the symbols represent:
    Gay Rights
    Taoism, and
    Pick any two, and the only time you have a conflict is when the C shows up. Here, this link tells the story much better than I can.
    Ask yourself this.
    If a muslim asked a Jew about their religion, and they wanted to attend a service, the Jew would be happy to talk to them, and would likely support their learning more, up to and including attending services. If an atheist asked a muslim about their religion, and asked to attend a service, they would be barred from entry to the mosque, or even gaining knowledge.
    Which religion is tolerant? Which one support peace? (as defined by pretty much every non-muslim on the planet)

    1. Islam is a great example of intolerant ignorant liberals.. they preach tolerance while not tolerating anything that they don’t agree with.. the more who see this shiite go on the more who will not agree with it.and the more will convert to OUR side..

    2. There are some other intolerant religions but those aren’t on the bumper sticker. Hinduism is one, as can be seen in India. Not on the same scale as Islam, perhaps.

      1. True.
        But, let’s be real here. If islam did not exist, there would be no need for widespread calls for coexistence. Worldwide, muslims are the problem. The most intolerant of the religions, who also cry the loudest for tolerance.
        They managed to convince westerners that they are the oppressed, not the oppressors. They are the offended, not the offenders.
        And, for whatever reason, we buy into their claptrap. And, we make excuses for their behavior all too often.

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