Good movie on Netflix

Siege of Jadotville on Netflix.

I know the movie is a couple of years old but I finally got around to seeing it today.

It was well cast, well acted, and overall a very good movie, if you are a military history buff like me.

It portrays the Irish soldiers who were part of the UN Peace Keeping forces very well.  It also demonstrates just how much of a piece of shit the United Nations really is.

It’s not an epic war movie, but has as very We Were Soldiers feel to it.

I highly recommend it, especially if you have an interest in the African brush wars (technically the Congo Crisis is not recognized as a brush war, but has all the hallmarks of one so should be grouped with them)  or just want to see the United Nations come off looking shitty.


2 Replies to “Good movie on Netflix”

  1. Yes! Saw it a couple of years ago. Apparently, it is a true story, and the end was a shock for those who remember the official UN story.
    And the fight in those Irish soldiers was truly outstanding!
    5 stars for military history movie.

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