Chicago Superintendent of Police Gary McCarthy has been FIRED!

I feel like breaking into song.

Politics being what they are, I am waiting for the inevitable backlash in the form of:

“Black Lives Matter has too much power.”

“The city should have stood up to the protesters.”

“Things will only get worse in Chicago now.”

Well, let me remind you that McCarthy’s covering up of a bad shoot murder by a police to protect an incumbent mayor was the least of his crimes against the people of Chicago.

Gary McCarthy is an anti-gun zealot who stated that his police would murder concealed carry permit holders in an attempt to intimidate Chicagoans into not applying for CCW permits.

Gary McCarthy oversaw Chicago’s Black Sites where Chicago PD would kidnap people, take them to warehouses, deny them legal protection, and torture them for information off the books.

Gary McCarthy systematically denied thousands of Chicagoans their 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendment Constitutional rights.  Not to mention the wake of civil rights violations he left behind him in Newark, New Jersey.

There is NOTHING defensible about Gary McCarthy.  My only hope that this story doesn’t end with his firing.  May he spend the rest of his life in prison and then eternity in hell.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish”
  1. I think that all that would be a good start anyway.I just know somehow us legal gun owners or the NRA or both will get the blame from you know who.If anyone can twist it around they can.

  2. hate to be Debbie Downer here. He will end up with another highly visible gig and never look back. That’s how the system works. The only reason he was fired was he became a serious liability to those more corrupt than he.
    His replacement will be of the same ilk.

  3. From Second City Cop:
    ‘Now you have a fired superintendent who was brought in as an outsider because Rahm thought he could control him. His first public appearance was at a certain southside church hosted by the same guy who ended up calling for his head. He’s been slobbered over by many in the media. He’s been backed publicly and vocally on numerous occasions by the mayor himself. He’s been on the national radar with his outrageous statements about shooting Concealed Carry individuals, for his East Coast television appearances, his checkered background and his triumphal handling of the NATO protests all by himself. He’s never shied from the spotlight before.

    So where’s the camera crews following him looking for a soundbite about Rahm, Anita, the bus that ran him over, the two-faced “reverend” and the hot/cold media coverage, etc. Someone somewhere could ask the right questions about his time here in Chicago…one that could blow Rahm out of the water and make it impossible for him to ever hold office again.’
    And there he answers his own question.

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