Outer Range


I’m halfway through the first season and it is a good sci-fi mystery.

No politics.  No wokeness.

Just a deeply intriguing mystery.

Josh Brolin and Will Patton are as excellent as ever.

Highly recommend.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Good show on Amazon Prime”
  1. Watched half the first season’s episodes.

    Conclusion: It’s “Lost” meets “Yellowstone” during a bad HoloDeck episode. Bleh.

    As you can tell, I lost interest eventually.

    Like with “Night Sky” which is another Amazon series, which is “Lost” meets something else, starts slow, stays slow, goes rapidly off rails and, spoiler alert, the old guy slowly going senile should have shoved his nosy neighbor into the airlock and into the other world and let the turd die, along with the weird stranger.

    Look, I’m not a snob. I like reading Anime and decent subtitle movies like “Tora, Tora, Tora” (which is still the BEST Pacific War movie ever made, prove me wrong.) But between bad subtitles that don’t contrast well against the background (seriously, folks, just put a black box with white letters and it won’t be a problem) and plots that just drag and suck and bring back PTSDish feelings of watching said “Lost” and, screw it. Oh, look, “Grand Tour” is available. GT doesn’t suck and doesn’t require keeping score of 337,684 plotlines at the same time and doesn’t suck.

    Seriously, it’s the way most new ‘sci-fi’ shows on major networks go. Too many plots, crappily written, too “Lost”ish. Which is why shows like “What We Do in the Shadows” and “Resident Alien” are so good in comparision. Good writing, funny and tense and twisted, and don’t require one to keep a spreadsheet of plots and subplots and thousands of primary characters. Seriously. “Cast of thousands” should be the number of extras in the background, not the number of individual characters we have to actually pay attention to.

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