What standards do they have for radicalization?

If a Lefty praises communism or posts a Che picture will they be denied?

How about people who post BLM or Antifa anti-cop talking point?

Those who supported the George Floyd riots and looting?

Members of the Socialist Rifle Association or John Brown Gun Club?

I don’t know but I doubt it.

I can just about guarantee that your Gadsden Flag post will get your permit denied.

So will any of your pro-Trump posts as well as anything that questions the 2020 election.

Your Hunter Biden posts and Pedo Joe and Let’s Go Brandon will probably be flagged as well.

These people don’t want to eliminate gun crime, they only want to control who has guns, and it certainly won’t be you MAGA people.

Gun permits will be given out to select few based on party loyalty, just like they were in every other dictatorship.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Governor Stazi wants you to prove loyalty to own a gun”
  1. More disturbing is the chilling effect on 1A rights.
    M-F, the 2A is right next to the 1A for a reason… and now you want both??!?


  2. I wonder what happens if you don’t have social media accounts … or you have one or two but you have, literally, never posted anything.
    The whole asking-the-neighbors thing is wrong on the face of it, especially in light of Bruen. It’s basically another way to let a majority (neighbors) deny the rights of a minority (applicant) and it forces the applicant to disclose information to those neighbors they otherwise might not have. It also puts at a severe disadvantage people who just moved into the area and don’t know anyone yet.

  3. What if I think it is perfectly OK for doctors to perform gender affirming surgeries on children below the age of five. And, I think Israel is in fact a terrorist country, and Trump is guilty of war crimes. Oh, and I think socialism WINS!
    well…seriously, who gets to decide what is radicalized?

      1. Nope. Not happening. Not running for Congress. Not happening.
        But, I will spout whatever meaningless babble required to keep the NY anti-gunners off my backside.
        The big question is exactly how woke do I need to appear in order to be left alone?

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