Gozer 2016

I believe that on Wednesday, May 4th, that Decision 2016 became Gozer 2016. With the only candidates left being Trump, Clinton, and Sanders, Americans are going to choose the form of their destructor.

I viscerally hate all three candidates. I am horrified by the election of any of them to the office of President of the Untitled States. It not just the individual policies that each candidate does or does not have, it is the big-picture message of what the election of each of those candidates means.

Hillary: The election of Hillary Clinton means that the American people have accepted monarchical system in which those in power do not have to obey the law of the land that they rule. Hillary Clinton is under investigation by the FBI and those that support her don’t care. She quote openly used her position as Secretary of State to enrich herself by brokering deals for nations and companies that supported the Clinton Foundation and nobody in the DNC seems to give a shit. The law does not apply to Hillary Clinton. She would be a queen, come to power because her husband abdicated the Oval Office.

The Bern: The election of Bernie Sanders means that the majority of Americans believe that the American Dream is dead. No longer is America the one nation where anybody can work hard, be motivated, and if they have enough determination and a touch of luck, can rise above the station they were born into. The American Dream is not rags to riches for everybody, as that is unfeasible. It is the idea that America has no caste system and that a person’s conditions of birth does not dictate the course of their life.
Sanders stands for the idea that each person is stuck where they are. The rich got ahead and pulled up the draw bridge behind them, and are now hording the money. This is the opposite of the American Dream. A Sanders’ America is one in which work, effort, and determination are not virtues but make you a target for punitive taxation. A Sanders victory means that we have crossed the tipping point where more people want America to be the land of government handouts than the land of opportunity. The “gimmie” will have won.

Trump: The election of Donald Trump means that America has lost the ability to think critically. Trump has not enunciated a single position or policy in any way that is remotely possible to accomplish. But he has generated a fanatical following by scapegoating, mockery, and insults. He proposed to do things that are blatantly unconstitutional (seizing money sent to Mexico). He brags and bloviates and has lowered the discourse of the election to abysmal levels.

The greater tragedy is that the GOP primary voters picked the Republican Sanders, because that is what Trump is. They both generate their support through anger, blame, and impossible feel-good policy. Sanders blames the rich. Trump blames the Chinese and Illegals. Sanders want to give everybody free college. No serious discussion about how to pay for it or what it will cost or how that will affect the economy, but it gets his supporters screaming his name. Trump wants to build a wall. No serious discussion about how to pay for it or what it will cost or how that will affect the economy, but it gets his supporters screaming his name. He is a cartoon character.  A dullard (I don’t care how much money he has).  It is horrifying that he speaks with the lowest reading level equivalency of any candidate on either side. Trump is incapable of explaining a concept at a level more difficult than the plot of How To Eat Fried Worms.

I was dismayed when Obama was elected, and then re-elected on charisma over content. It is fair to disagree with Mitt Romney on points, but there was no question that he was the smartest man in the room In every debate. President Empty Suit beat him with a combination of cool factor and nastiness.

I had hoped that America had learned its lesson. Night on seven years of the worst economic growth and labor participation in half a century, $8 Trillion in debt with nothing to show for it; this is what deciding electing a president with a lack of substance hath wrought.

My hope was for an aspirational Republican candidate, a new Reagan to recover us from Carter 2.0.

What I have is the inevitable choice between an ignorant, petulant, narcissistic, blow-hard in a bad hair piece and a power-mad, criminal harpy.
Yes, I am expected to go to the polls in November and decide who is better to run America, a man whose only well explained qualification for office is size of his dick or a woman whose only place for the next 4-8 years should Leavenworth.

This does not feel like an election for the President of the United States. This doesn’t feel like an election for a middle school class president. Right now, I feel like I’m voting for who will not be kicked out of Jersey Shore house.

Whoever wins, I fear we are doomed.  Not because of a single policy of either candidate, but because I don’t think the dignity and value of the Presidency can be recovered.

14 Replies to “Gozer 2016”

  1. What comes to my mind is the meme “You’re not voting your way out of this.” Which isn’t really a meme but a hard truth.

  2. We do have a slim chance that the conventions will become a free for all and a viable candidate may emerge. Very slim. Otherwise I’m not voting for the first time in 40 years.

    1. I’ve changed my mind. I will vote, and it will not be a vote for a democrat. Nor will I waste my vote on a third party. Too much is at stake. Assuming Trump wins the nomination, I will vote for him.

  3. “Hillary Clinton is under investigation by the FBI and those that support her don’t care. ”

    These are the people that scare the shit out of me. They know she’s a crook and they don’t care. I would be like the folks in the late 20’s early 30’s supporting Al Capone for mayor of Chiraq. I would almost guarantee that she’s got a shit load of executive orders already written. She takes the oath at noon, at 12:01 CWII will be on.

    “Sanders stands for the idea that each person is stuck where they are.
    The “gimmie” will have won.”

    I noticed early on that all of the debt ridden college students we all for Bernie. Them and their chant “free shit, free shit”. And that Democratic Socialist title is the biggest load of bullshit ever produced. Bernie is a Communist and I was taught in the 70’s Marine Corps that the only good communist is a dead communist. He’s old enough that he should be a good communist pretty soon.

    I liked Rick Perry, but he was out way too soon. He would have been a better choice than anything we have now.

  4. No I don’t especially like Trump. I may not know all of his policy positions. I do know a few things though. John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and the GOP Establishment had detailed positions, policy positions I liked, and knew would make the country better. They promised to implement them if they were elected and given majorities.

    Did anyone in the GOP leadership actually, slightly, to any small degree follow through on their promises? Did they? Or did they just roll over?

    I actually trust Donald Trump more than any of them. He has not broke any of his promises (yet). He is not perfect, but he is head and shoulders better then Bernie or Hillary. He is also head and shoulders above the GOP Establishment. There is a reason that Trump, Cruz, and Carson were so popular. They were not the GOPe. Jeb! could not get more than 5%, and Kasich won ONE (1) state!

    I will take a chance on Trump.

    1. This is playing with fire, but I honestly think Donald Trump may be the best chance we’ve got to actually fix things.

      Not that Trump will fix things. I’m under no illusions as far as that goes. However, he knows how to deal with liberals and their tactics. He can deal with liberal politicians and liberal media, and he’s destroying their propaganda machines by the sheer merit of not caring what they say.

      If Cruz or Paul had made it onto the ticket, we’d have Sarah Palin all over again: a great candidate, slaughtered by vicious, hypocritical, and deceitful attacks(apparently slut-shaming is OK when the target’s a Republican). The liberal propaganda machine is just too effective against good conservatives.

      But they’re no good against Trump.

      If we can keep him on a short leash, I think he can wreck the political machine, and if Hillary and Sanders’s health proves to be as shaky as it looks, then maybe the path will finally be clear for an honest, upstanding politician to take the reigns.

  5. “The election of Donald Trump means that America has lost the ability to think critically.”
    We lost that YEARS ago…
    Suck it up and accept the bulldozer that trump will be.
    He won’t be nice -it will be messy and people will be triggered.
    But (I sincerely HOPE) he’ll be a DAMN TON better than ANY one else still in the race.
    If you don’t vote for him, then just fking OWN it and vote for Killery.

    1. No.

      Trump embarrasses me. I can’t handle more than 10 seconds any speech or interview that he does. I’m not going to vote in this election.

      Fuckwit psuedo-conservatives used to say all the time that they wound’t vote for liberal Republicans because they want to send a message to the GOP.

      Turnabout is fair play.

      I in good conscience vote for a candidate that embarrasses me as much as Trump does.

      1. It’ll be a train wreck either way. I’ll pick the wreck that’ll most likely favor our side instead of the wreck that is guaranteed not to.
        Just remember that if your don’t vote you can’t complain about anything…

        1. Horse shit. I don’t vote for president because my vote doesn’t count in CT. We are small electorally and guaranteed to vote democrat regardless of whom I choose. Voting and not voting has the se effect for me at this point.

      2. …except that all the liberal republicans (and just plain liberals) are lining up on #Never Trump. So it’s Jeb Bush, Michael Moore, Cher, Lindsay Graham… and you.

      3. On the one hand, that’s how we got 8 years of Obama. (I had friends tell me both elections that they couldn’t in good conscience vote for either candidate)

        On the other hand, we’ve since learned that McCain would have been exactly as bad as Obama, but the Republicans would have gotten blamed for it.

        1. Yeah… I agree… I’m having to hope that the bulldozer wrecks sht that leads to positive gains for freedom/liberty/our side more than then big gov/crony capitalism/progresive liberal side

          The only one ran that appears to care about fidelity to the Constitution, small gov, states rights, quit.
          Maybe he’ll be picked up as a VP? But likely offered USAG or SCOTUS position; I hope he takes anything offered as he’ll be great at it… and he’ll have a record and accomplishments to run on in 5 years.

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