B.L.U.F. A win in the First Circuit Court of Appeals. Case challenging the MA handgun roster.

The FPC scored a win in a notoriously anti-gun rights First Circuit Court of Appeals. They heard oral arguments on the Tuesday the 4th and vacated the district court’s opinion yesterday, Friday 2023-04-07.

The case was first decided in May of 2022, before Bruen and we see the same standard path. The court first said that it assumed without deciding that the conduct was protected by the Second Amendment.

At that point the District Court moved on to decide the level of scrutiny required. Being the district court of Massachusetts of course the court decided to use intermediate scrutiny which of course allowed them to find the infringement “constitutional”

The date of dismissal is sort of interesting, it looks almost as if the court was rushing to get its decision out before the Bruen decision was published.

The FPC appealed to the First Circuit Court on June 15th, 2022. This was still before Bruen.

The Circuit Court had all of the documents in place by middle of July, less than a month after the District Court’s decision.
It wasn’t until August that a briefing schedule was set.

Another interesting case to follow because it shows just how many cases are being overturned due to Bruen

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